Problems with “stupid”

Stupid. A word I have used so many times for many years. It's easy, simple, versatile and vitriolic if you want it to be. Dismissive and gratifying. But these are also things that can be wrong with it. It's a hard habit to shake, but I think it's worth trying, or at the very least …

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What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy - there's nothing in it. People often confuse 'homeopathy' for all 'home remedies' but it's a specific kind of alternative medicine quackery that involves diluting substances til none of them remain and believing that water has 'memory', and 'like-cures-like'; neither of which are true!

‘Biodynamic farming’ bullshit (and Steiner-Waldorf racism)

This was always going to be nonsense. The first time I clocked "Biodynamic" produce was as advertised by a stand selling waffles with an added egg option at the (wonderful - you should go) Maltby Street Market in London (UK). What the fuck is a biodynamic egg?! I exclaimed quietly to myself, assuming it was some …

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The same people Who say "Stop whining, women have it worse elsewhere" Are the same people Who say "HOW DARE YOU Call me privileged? I have struggled." Not like millions have. We are privileged We can improve These are not mutually exclusive things. I wrote this when I realised that this happened frequently. Whataboutery (or …

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