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Russia Running Rings Around Homophobia

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I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time and after a loooong writing break, am finally getting around to it. It’s long, but I hope it’s worth it.

We can make it happen.

We can make it happen.

I went to Russia a few years ago. It was a great holiday, and I was hopeful about a return trip someday. However, developments since Putin somehow managed to retain his presidency have basically removed that option.

It is hard to say exactly why the “Gay propaganda law” has been put in place. A common (but not universally accepted) suggestion is that one goal of a ruler who wants to keep their power is to suppress views they do not like, and that’s precisely where these laws come from, pandering to the “traditional” views of some of the people, and the church. Create scapegoats that aren’t you, but some imagined “other” that are a real threat to your livelihood. In this case, it’s “protect children from things that might make them gay” – obviously based on a fundamental misunderstanding of both sexual orientation and what’s important for young people*.

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Offended? Good.

This post is long but one I reference often. Edit: tl;dr = Don’t Be A Dick. Here’s a shorter Storify version.

It’s a lot of stuff in a sort of web of thoughts I’ve been having and I just hope it makes some sense. Please comment to extend it further – the point of this is to be thinking and talking about it! You can skip to the end for the bottom line if you want, and some of the explanation/example-giving is in between.

I’m going to use a lot of ‘being a dick’ type phrases; I know that’s gendered in nature, but it’s my sum-up of ‘people doing/saying things I consider inappropriate/unacceptable and would rather didn’t happen’ – it’s for space and time-saving purposes. And men aren’t routinely belittled as women are, so don’t argue with me that it’s the same as ‘being a c***’ or something like that. Another post entirely.

The concept of offence and why it matters

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Reasonable force?

Gonna go all topical today, because why not – and Twitter’s 140 character limit is annoying me, which is rare.

You may or may not have heard about the new “witch-hunt” (though I’d prefer not to call it that): a young man who goes by the alias of @Rileyy69 being arrested this morning.

This followed his abusive tweets to team GB diver Tom Daley last night after he and his partner unfortunately missed out on a medal in the synchronised diving.

He started by telling the diver he’d disappointed his dad. What wasn’t known to him at the time was that Daley’s father actually succumbed to a brain tumour last year – so, add insensitive to offensive there. Teenagers, eh?

However, such is the nature of Twitter – Daley’s sharing of this admittedly vitriolic stuff led to wider awareness of his behaviour and even a mention on Sky News! Mr. 69 was not pleased about this, to say the least, and his timeline turned into a rather sweary, threatening affair, apparently including a wish that Daley would drown in a pool. Could possibly be considered a death threat, though I haven’t seen the actual tweet and whether he threatened to do this himself – or if it was, rather a deathwish (neither of which are pleasant but I’m sure we agree a threat is much worse). [Edit: ok, it looks like a threat]

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OlympHiggs boson

Hello everyone! I’m sort of back from my thesis-writing hiatus now.Is I can be doktor nao, plz?

For anyone who was unaware, I am in the process of finishing my PhD. The gigantic document/book is handed in, my exam (viva) is next week. After that you may call me Dr Noodlemaz.

Anyway, there’s a point to me banging on about that. Firstly, I hope to get posting a bit more regularly again soon, when I’m back in the swing of things. Secondly, with PhD-getting celebrations imminent, I’ve got around to deciding when and where I want gatherings of friends to be merry with. 

Unfortunately, because I live in London, the best weekend for all of this has fallen on the sodding Olympics opening weekend.

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