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Ad astra

Neil Armstrong died on August 25th 2012, aged 82.

A good innings, but we’re still shocked and saddened. Why? It’s always sad when people, amazing or no, pass away. But there’s more to this than simply the ending of a life.

His footprints will be on the moon for around 10 million years. Footprints of an Earth-born great ape on our planet’s satellite, 384,400 kilometers (238,855 miles) away from us. An astounding achievement, whether you think space exploration is “worth it” or not. I had never even disconnected myself from the planet for more than a jump until I was 24 and I got on a plane to Russia. People have left the planet altogether and looked back at it.

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Government, Science and Society

Well, sorry for this ridiculous delay in relaying the last chunk of the Science Communication Conference! Have been busy and distracted – have to say, there will probably be a much slower output for a while. There’s actually still more but need to leave it at this for now!

I’ll be in Russia 23rd June – 6th July and will have tonnes to do when I get back, but hope to write about my experience there [Edit: and I did!] and some other things (skeptics meetings, interesting talks, and of course I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here!!)

BSA SciComms Conference 2010 Pt. 4

Having done the end of the second day, here’s the first bit!

First up we had Tim Smit (a cross between John Lithgow & Prof. Ian Hart, head of our institute!), an archaeologist and music producer but perhaps best known for founding the Eden Project (which I am still yet to visit, hint hint).

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