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Ask for Evidence – Miracle Cures

Sense About Science have  been running a campaign called Ask for Evidence, which has gained plenty of support since its launch.Ask for Evidence

The idea is that by encouraging people to challenge claims made about products, services, lifestyle choices and policies:
– the public could feel empowered to question claims they see in future
– people and companies should expect to be asked to back up their claims
and, ultimately:
– we should start to see fewer false/dangerous/baseless claims.

Examples of what exactly people have asked for evidence of can be found here.

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Hello! Sorry for general silence of late.

Excuses: being generally busy, dealing with some things that aren’t for publishing on the internet right now, our flat flooding last week and not having caught up on lost sleep – et cetera.

This is just a quickie to let you know I’m still here (because you’re obviously flailing around as if suddenly blind in my absence) and to make a few mini-points.

Bleachgate update

Some big things have been happening lately. The BBC even covered it!

First I recommend checking up on Rhys’ blog because apparently, Mr Jim Humble himself has come out of hiding to grace the skeptical blogosphere with his presence. It’s nice to be able to engage, supposedly, with the person we’ve all been talking about at last, but the claims are as staggeringly wrong and dangerous as ever.

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Bleachgate link roundup: 2nd and last

Sorry for the radio silence, I was off jumping around in muddy fields to awesome folk bands down in Devon! Might do a little summary of that later on for anyone who’s interested.

For now here are some more links around the ongoing MMS/Jim Humble story. Topsy is a great way of keeping up with the topic, especially if you’re not on Twitter.

I don’t know if this is meant to say the ‘truth’ or not.

it acts like a water filter for your internals, makes perfect sence to me. [sic]

Yeah… me too.

The list of things people will claim this stuff cures is endless and ever more absurd.

What’s Humble up to?

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Link Roundup: Bleachgate

First, sorry about yet another ‘gate’. This was not my idea. Blame Jo – it just caught on and who am I to shun the trend, hmm?

So, first, an update from Rhys on his rise to skeptical fame and how everything is going so far.

Alice wrote a great piece with a bit of vital chemistry.

Next up we have Ashley‘s contribution, a witty and terse look at the story from the point of view of someone who also suffers from chronic illnesses.

Also there’s James with a succinct summary of the story so far (went off on an s-alliteration spree there again, whoops).

Joe Schwarcz has this article in the Montreal Gazette, also covering Humble’s ridiculous claims about the miracle nature of his product, as he brags about in the video I ‘reviewed’ previously.

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#Bleachgate: The Plot Thickens

Rhys is becoming a skeptical celebrity! His Twitter following is increasing exponentially and he’s off doing interviews for the likes of Pod Delusion [Edit: do have a listen, great episode!] and Skepchick. He’s written up the events himself on his blog. Joely has put her thoughts down, on why people are sucked in by ‘miracle cures’.

Rhys has assembled a small taskforce to document all the people selling  MMS, contacted the FDA regarding Mr D Bergy, has spoken to BBC Wales and is generally making excellent use of his holiday time. Kudos. Edit: now in line to take part in a Crohn’s/MMS documentary with a Yorkshire production company!

But now, something I couldn’t leave until tomorrow.

A Horror Movie

I just had to write about this video I’ve been watching; an interview with Jim Humble (reckon that’s his real name??) on the discovery, mechanism and results of MMS. Basically he seems to think he’s a miracle healer and that this stuff cures everything – and I mean everything.

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Papa, Don’t Bleach

Here’s a child drinking it! Fun.

1. Sorry about the awful title

2. Watch this space!!

A new campaign is brewing, due to the goings on in this Crohn’s Disease discussion forum and the boy wonder that is Rhys Morgan.

Rhys explains everything here in this 19 minute video tweet, which I recommend you listen to, but he may be doing a shorter version soon for those with limited attention spans!

So for anyone who isn’t familiar with it, Crohn’s is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the digestive tract. It’s not very well-understood at the moment, having a wide range of symptoms, severity and apparently significant environmental aspect.

Treatments generally aim to improve people’s quality of life – since Crohn’s currently cannot be cured.

As a result, there are many support networks for sufferers to share their experiences and help each other deal with the symptoms. This is commonplace for any chronic disease.

The issue Rhys (a Crohn’s patient himself) has picked up on centres around an ‘alternative treatment’ known as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). Looking around various sites it’s touted as a universal ‘detoxifier’, targeting bacteria and viruses alike, including HIV, malaria and even cancer. Edit: also being sold here in the UK.

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