“Don’t make everything political”

The BBC has decided that certain current-events reporters should not be seen to attend or tweet about certain events/issues/movements lest their "impartiality" apparently be compromised. Let's see where this goes - hopefully swiftly to the bin once unions and lawyers are through with it - but also let's talk about what impartial really means when it comes to identity.

#MeToo, Sex Ed, 50 Shades, Abuse & Consent

#MeToo has led to a lot of questions about what healthy interactions look like between people where at least one of the parties wants something sexy to happen. Unfortunately, a very widespread lack of understanding (and in many cases coupled with disregard for the safety or feelings of others) means that a huge number of …

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On supporting sexism: repeat the nonsense

I know I haven't written a thing for ages but I felt the need to lay this one out in more than a Storify* because... does anyone actually read them? *Now in Wakelet because Storify shut down. But here are my favourites: Pockets! They're sexist. How much stuff have you broken? Trump, misogynists, 'gamerg*te', white …

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Russia Running Rings Around Homophobia

Please go to More Links for updates since I wrote this. I've been meaning to write about this for some time and after a loooong writing break, am finally getting around to it. It's long, but I hope it's worth it. I went to Russia a few years ago. It was a great holiday, and …

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