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Ask for Evidence – Miracle Cures

Sense About Science have  been running a campaign called Ask for Evidence, which has gained plenty of support since its launch.Ask for Evidence

The idea is that by encouraging people to challenge claims made about products, services, lifestyle choices and policies:
– the public could feel empowered to question claims they see in future
– people and companies should expect to be asked to back up their claims
and, ultimately:
– we should start to see fewer false/dangerous/baseless claims.

Examples of what exactly people have asked for evidence of can be found here.

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SDWFD: Episodes 3-6!

Hello from Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo!

You can listen to Episode 3 in which we read Chapter 1 of Jim Humble’s book, and Episode 4 covering Chapter 2 (guest hosted by Hayley Stevens of Righteous Indignation, because I was away! Thanks for filling in, Hayley).

Also check out Rhys on the One Show! Bringing ‘bleachgate’ to the masses.

In Episode 5 (also on iTunes!) we’re taking a break from Jim’s book (back to Chapter 3 in Episode 6!) to look at some other woo;

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Annie Cap (therapist/telesales extraordinaire)
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Live blood imaging (guest report from @JoBrodie)
  • Pumpkin Pie for pudding

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SDWFD: Episode 2!

Have a listen here, and you can now find us on iTunes!

woo top phlog! 😀

[Intro by Dr*T]

R: Today we’re going to be reading some more from Jim Humble’s book, The Miracle Mineral Solution for the 21st Century.

M: Also, because we didn’t last time, we’d like to give more of an introduction to MMS and Jim Humble [JH for short!] himself, in case anyone hasn’t been keeping up with the exciting news.

R: I was one of the people to discover MMS; I found it on a Crohn’s Disease support forum and I recorded a video about it. I also adapted the video into a blogpost. I discovered it being introduced as possibly a treatment for Crohn’s disease, I noticed people who were saying it had done wonders for them. Then I did more research into it and found it was being claimed that it could cure absolutely everything. The miraclemineral.org site claims it can cure:

AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer

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SDWFD Episode 1

Here’s the transcript of Episode 1 for those who like it typed out with links! R: = Rhys and M: = me, if that’s not obvious. Emphasis in book extracts, denoted by { stuffaboutwoo }, is mine.

[Annoyingly-catchy jingle from Dr*T # welshboyo and noodlemaaaaz]

R: Hello and welcome to Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo (M: with capes!) – I’m Rhys! M: I’m Marianne!

R: This podcast is going to be all about Jim Humble‘s book, or at least this episode will. In future episodes, we aim to ramble on about quacky, wooey things M: General ridicule, bit of comedy, but there’ll be some serious stuff as well.

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‘Bleachgate’ and beyond


So, I’m having a bit of a blogging holiday due to other things catching up with me at the moment but I hope to get a few posts out soon.

First, a few words on the ongoing MMS story.

Rhys has been notified that the WHO have now been informed of MMS and will be taking steps to warn the public internationally – fantastic! Have a listen to him on the radio today; from 9:10.

He also received an award at TAM last weekend (I encourage you to read some of the fantastic blog-based commentaries on the proceedings if you’re interested in the concept and might attend next year, and also look up QEDcon!) in recognition of his skeptical activism achievements.

So, on to the meat.

‘Bugs’ and Cancer

I was saying to Rhys the other day: the most annoying out of all Humble’s false claims, for me, is that cancer is caused by ‘a bug inside the cancer cells’.

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Hello! Sorry for general silence of late.

Excuses: being generally busy, dealing with some things that aren’t for publishing on the internet right now, our flat flooding last week and not having caught up on lost sleep – et cetera.

This is just a quickie to let you know I’m still here (because you’re obviously flailing around as if suddenly blind in my absence) and to make a few mini-points.

Bleachgate update

Some big things have been happening lately. The BBC even covered it!

First I recommend checking up on Rhys’ blog because apparently, Mr Jim Humble himself has come out of hiding to grace the skeptical blogosphere with his presence. It’s nice to be able to engage, supposedly, with the person we’ve all been talking about at last, but the claims are as staggeringly wrong and dangerous as ever.

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The lady doth protest too much

from @Danatkinson

Hey, the Pope has landed!

I am off around central London on Saturday with a merry band of people – catholic, protestant, atheist, agnostic, humanist, probably muslim, hindu, sikh and just about everything besides – to Protest the Pope. There are many, many reasons to do so…

I’ve had people, frankly, have a go at me about it but I’d have thought it’s obvious why I feel the need to join in. I can understand if people just aren’t that bothered and don’t want to show up but surprised if it’s not clear why people are angry at the man and the fact that the UK is paying for his visit.

Shout, shout, let it all out

On the PtP site is a ‘Rap Sheet‘ for the Pope that concisely summarises the main disagreements with his policies and views but also goes into them in a bit more detail, with supporting quotations.

These can be crudely summarised as child rape, homophobia, misogyny, racism, and the spreading of HIV.

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