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Обо мне

Photo 11-12-2012 18 40 45I have a PhD in cancer research – specifically blood vessel growth into tumours (angiogenesis) – from part of the Queen Mary University of London medical school. I’ve since been in digital communications roles.
You may address me as Dr Noodlemaz. Or my name. Or Maz.

I like to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but perhaps that’s just optimistic.

I’m a scientist, atheist, feminist and other selected -ists.

Often compulsively honest, sometimes to my detriment, but my friends love me for it (that is probably optimistic…).

I’m obsessed with matching things (especially earrings, I have hundreds). Wilful ignorance annoys me. I’m tired a lot. I sing a bit and play keyboard.

I like languages. In 2010 I learned some Russian (title reads: ‘about me’/’myself’) and took my first ‘proper’ holiday there. Should brush up on the German, Spanish would probably be useful. I learned French for a few years when I was young but hated it and still haven’t gone back. From 2017 I’ve started some Norwegian.

Love (in no particular order): music – I listen every day, can’t live without it. See Lyrics for a selection of musical words I like. TEA, my mum, nature (a good ramble ftw), cider, games – video/board, friends, snow, pool (table+balls, not water), red wine, pub quiz, stand-up, dark chocolate…

Do not want: religion, smoking, general bigotry, rap, parmesan, crocs, grammar fail (we sell panini’s!), inconsiderate/selfish people, tinned tuna, James Corden…

I think that’s enough random factage. Go put the kettle on.


NB/ This is an entirely personal blog and in no way speaks for any company/organisation I am or have been associated with!


A friend (Justin Satov) made me this and set up an Interwebz Awardz blog and Twitter account (send a submission!):


See this post for context and you can see the full comment here.

In case people stumble upon this and think it’s true, here’s a counterpoint. One of a great many, you understand.


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