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Dr Noodles graduation the second, 2012

I grew up in Kent, UK and spent a decade in London after my undergrad degree in Nottingham. I have a PhD in cancer research – specifically re: blood vessel growth into tumours (called angiogenesis) – from the Queen Mary University of London (UK) medical school.

I’ve since been in communications roles and am usually volunteering for something alongside. Back in London after a few years in California.

It’s (Dr, not Miss/Mrs) Marianne, Noodlemaz/Noodles, or just Maz.

I like to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but perhaps that’s just optimistic.

– me

Scientist, atheist, feminist, nature-lover, fake girl gamer and probably would-be-excellent-at-lots-of-things I don’t wish to put the time into.

Obsessed with matching things (especially earrings, have hundreds). Wilful ignorance annoys me.

I like languages. In 2017 I started learning Norwegian – an ongoing project. In 2010 I learned some Russian and took my first ‘proper’ holiday there. Should brush up on the German, Spanish would probably be useful. Finnish intrigues me. I learned French for a few years when I was young but hated it and haven’t gone back.


Love in no particular order:
TEA, my mum, husband, nature (especially cetaceans, herps and birds), cider, games of the video/board varieties, friends, snow, pool (to play on a table or to swim in), red wine, pub quiz/trivia, dark chocolate… music – I listen every day, can’t live without it.

See Lyrics for a selection of musical words I like and quotes for some influential words.

Do not want: religion, smoking, general bigotry, parmesan, crocs,  American “cheese”, sCAM, inconsiderate/selfish people, tinned tuna, James Corden…
Enough. Go put the kettle on.

NB/ This is an entirely personal blog and in no way speaks for any company/organisation I am or have been associated with! [Disclaimer]

A friend (Justin Satov) made me this and set up an Interwebz Awardz blog and Twitter account (send a submission!):

See this post for context and you can see the full comment here.

In case people stumble upon this and think it’s true, here’s a counterpoint.

Two of a great many, you understand…

Tweet by @eddedmondson reading "The unremittingly kind @noodlemaz says what I want, but better." QT of @noodlemaz tweet: "A mess of thoughts I've tried to form into something vaguely coherent. Sad, awful day. noodlemaz.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/fea... #lovewins #pride #antifascism" sent 10:53 PM June 16, 2016 by Twitter Web Client
Tweet by @nottscolin: "existential dread is up again so imma send out some POSITIVE VIBES 

todays vibes go to @noodlemaz who is cool and smart and im a better person for knowing her 

everything ive ever disagreed with her about ive later realised she was right and im an idiot

well done and thank u [OK hand emoji in yellow]"

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and thank you, Edd and Colin!

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