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Photo 11-12-2012 18 40 45I have a PhD in cancer research – specifically blood vessel growth into tumours (angiogenesis) – from the Queen Mary University of London (UK) medical school.

I’ve since been in digital communications roles, then upped sticks to the US of A.

You may address me as Dr Noodlemaz. Or by name. Or Maz.

I like to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but perhaps that’s just optimistic.

Scientist, atheist, feminist, fake girl gamer and probably would-be-excellent-at-lots-of-things I don’t bother to put the time into. I like to write.

Obsessed with matching things (especially earrings, I have hundreds). Wilful ignorance annoys me.

I like languages. In 2010 I learned some Russian and took my first ‘proper’ holiday there. Should brush up on the German, Spanish would probably be useful. I learned French for a few years when I was young but hated it and still haven’t gone back. In 2017 I started Norwegian and that’s an ongoing project.

Love (in no particular order): music – I listen every day, can’t live without it. See Lyrics for a selection of musical words I like. TEA, my mum, husband, nature, cider, games (video/board), friends, snow, pool (either to play or swim in), red wine, pub quiz/trivia, dark chocolate…

Do not want: religion, smoking, general bigotry, misogynistic rap, parmesan, crocs,  American cheese, inconsiderate/selfish people, tinned tuna, James Corden…

Enough. Go put the kettle on.


NB/ This is an entirely personal blog and in no way speaks for any company/organisation I am or have been associated with!


A friend (Justin Satov) made me this and set up an Interwebz Awardz blog and Twitter account (send a submission!):


See this post for context and you can see the full comment here.

In case people stumble upon this and think it’s true, here’s a counterpoint. One of a great many, you understand.