What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy - there's nothing in it. People often confuse 'homeopathy' for all 'home remedies' but it's a specific kind of alternative medicine quackery that involves diluting substances til none of them remain and believing that water has 'memory', and 'like-cures-like'; neither of which are true!

QEDcon 2015

As ever, the opening video didn't disappoint - congratulations to all whose hard work made this tweaked Left Behind trailer funny and so technically impressive: QED is my Christmas; or, what I imagine Christmas to be like for people who actually enjoy it. My family now is smaller than it was, and we do things our own way, …

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Healthy Evidence Forum

Sense About Science have launched a new discussion forum today, called Healthy Evidence: "We are very pleased to tell you that NHS Choices Behind the Headlines have asked us to partner with them on a new online forum to help people understand the science behind health claims and connect them with expertise. Healthy Evidence is …

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Fish in a barrel

This is a guest post from Ian (@teachingofsci), which I think is a calm demonstration of why so many who try to engage with proponents of alt med end up seriously lacking a feeling of calm. I have had similar situations in which I've tried to converse with otherwise intelligent, rational, friendly people, who have …

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Science Wooseum Revisited

Time for an update on the Science and Art of Medicine - Living Medical Traditions exhibit in the Science Museum, London! If you're not familiar with the backstory, do check out these posts or listen to my report in the Pod Delusion live 2nd birthday episode - go, make some tea and a sandwich while …

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