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Sometimes it’s easier to collect content on a particular topic as well as some thoughts of my own using a dedicated collection platform, rather than writing a blogpost. I’ll collate them here – hope you find some of them useful!

#Bleachgate links

‘Miracle Mineral Solution’, Jim Humble, the “Genesis II church”, Rhys and me – we did some digging on this back in 2010/11

Activision/Blizzard -toxic workplace culture

Harassment and assault; outcomes of a misogynistic ‘bro’ culture in game development. It’s likely not alone.

‘Critical Race Theory’ moral panic

Following hot on the heels of ‘woke’, the current set of right wingers, libertarians, and other assorted racists are making a big deal out of this.

Seaspiracy Issues

Problems with this 2021 film – unscientific, falsehoods, misrepresentation, and oversimplification.

Tom Cantor – Changed

This weird book came in the mail so I dove into what the hell it was (content notes: sexual abuse, religious conversion)

Joss Whedon and abusive men in SFF

Working on a longer post but wanted to collate items on Whedon & some other ‘giants of the genre’ (CN – abuse)

Embryonic stem cells, antibodies, Trump

Explaining cell lines and republican hypocrisy

Gender reveal parties are the WORST

Accompanies a longer-form post that you can read here

Cancel Culture isn’t what you think

What is it meant to be, what are people actually complaining about?

JK Rowling’s Transphobia

A collection of responses & discussion

Black Lives Matter (2020)

Because (white) people still don’t understand the need for this movement

No, it’s not a “Plandemic”

Judy Mikovits is a quack and the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID19, is very real.

#Bleachgate in the White House

I did not foresee Trump championing one of the facets of alt-med quackery I’ve tried to campaign against for years but here we are

Trump and unbranded bottle of bleach - photo credit: Drew Angerer. Other: iStock/Getty Images

OK Boomer

One of my fave things to come out of 2019. Click to find out why (including you, Boomers!)

The United States’ “Trump” camps

Separating families & leaving people to die after they’ve crossed a desert somehow isn’t unacceptable enough

Gillette – the best a man can be?

Gillette ran a shaving ad that made some men very sad


I went to sleep at a cancer conference in Nov 2016 with the news saying Clinton was going to win. I woke up to this nightmare.

What’s it dropped from its pocketses?

One of my favourites: why don’t women’s clothes have pockets? Why is it so annoying?

Brexit: articles

I started collating them but stopped fairly swiftly. Too depressing. Commenter on here decided to tell me to kill myself over it, that was fun.

Ethics and evidence: routine infant circumcision

Collating high-quality articles and publications addressing various ethical questions about the genital cutting of minors.

Safe Spaces – again

This comes up periodically. What does it mean? Is it a real problem? What is the problem?

That Trump statue

Still relevant: why body-shaming famous people is counter-productive

I made these in Wakelet, or imported them to Wakelet from Storify when it closed. I miss Storify for a number of reasons, some of the biggest being:

  • ability to customise the URL of a collection.
  • search results; whenever I search for the names of my collections in Google, nothing is returned.
  • embedding; so far Wakelet’s embed-ability is limited.

I hope they’ll address these things, or something better will come along. Until then, thanks for browsing!