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You need to stop being angry at women who don’t reply to your internet dating site messages

This comes up a lot. Other people have written insightful things about it, so I linked them in a Storify, which now lives here.

As background, my profile became quite long and specific over the years I hopped on and off OKCupid. It contained web links. Someone took issue with one of them…

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QEDcon 2015

As ever, the opening video didn’t disappoint – congratulations to all whose hard work made this tweaked Left Behind trailer funny and so technically impressive:

QED is my Christmas; or, what I imagine Christmas to be like for people who actually enjoy it. My family now is smaller than it was, and we do things our own way, so it’s better – but I’ve never been much of a fan. QEDcon is where I spend time with my chosen family, or most of them at least!

Topping 550 people in its 5th year, it had the same friendly, warm, welcoming and highly intoxicated atmosphere it always has. Continue reading


Confessions Of A Former Misogynist

NB/ there’re descriptions of violence in this, obviously – don’t read on if that’s not something you want to deal with today.

Another guest post for you, readers. This time, my friend Ben recounts his transition from misogynist to feminist. Yes I am happy to call him a feminist; I don’t think one needs to experience a form oppression to disagree with and stand against it. Men can be feminists; many are and they’re valuable allies.

I think this is an important post because it’s from a man who confesses his attitude was wrong, who noticed that, and then changed it over time. That doesn’t seem to happen too often (links at the end, however) and hopefully it might inspire some people, or at least help us to make sense of why people can harbour these common, irrational feelings of hatred.

Text by Ben; I have added in headings, images and links.

What about the men?

“If I can’t have you, no one can!”

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Offended? Good.

This post is long but one I reference often. Edit: tl;dr = Don’t Be A Dick. Here’s a shorter Storify version.

It’s a lot of stuff in a sort of web of thoughts I’ve been having and I just hope it makes some sense. Please comment to extend it further – the point of this is to be thinking and talking about it! You can skip to the end for the bottom line if you want, and some of the explanation/example-giving is in between.

I’m going to use a lot of ‘being a dick’ type phrases; I know that’s gendered in nature, but it’s my sum-up of ‘people doing/saying things I consider inappropriate/unacceptable and would rather didn’t happen’ – it’s for space and time-saving purposes. And men aren’t routinely belittled as women are, so don’t argue with me that it’s the same as ‘being a c***’ or something like that. Another post entirely.

The concept of offence and why it matters

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IgNobel Awards 2011

Sorry for the silence of late! I’ve been in Florida for the AACR conference in Orlando, plus some R&R in Miami. Resuming semi-normal service…

Before that I attended the IgNobel Awards tour show (and the pre-event, Improbable Research After Dark, which was excellent) and would like to share some of it with you because it was entertaining and educational; the top two aspects we nerdy types hope for from events, of course.

Marc Abrahams (centre of the photo, left) hosted the evening, which consisted of some background on the IgNobel prizes, some selected highlights from the actual awards shows and talks from some of last year’s winners.

To keep talks to time, 4 ‘volunteers’ would quack after each minute, culminating with non-stop quacking when the speaker ran out of time. This will make more sense later.

The Annals of Improbable Research is a bi-monthly publication. It includes original research such as the somewhat hilarious ‘Kansas is flatter than a pancake‘ study.

Firstly, a selection of the main prizes awarded in 2010:

1. Engineering Whale snot-sampling helicopter

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SDWFD: Episodes 3-6!

Hello from Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo!

You can listen to Episode 3 in which we read Chapter 1 of Jim Humble’s book, and Episode 4 covering Chapter 2 (guest hosted by Hayley Stevens of Righteous Indignation, because I was away! Thanks for filling in, Hayley).

Also check out Rhys on the One Show! Bringing ‘bleachgate’ to the masses.

In Episode 5 (also on iTunes!) we’re taking a break from Jim’s book (back to Chapter 3 in Episode 6!) to look at some other woo;

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Annie Cap (therapist/telesales extraordinaire)
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Live blood imaging (guest report from @JoBrodie)
  • Pumpkin Pie for pudding

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SDWFD: Episode 2!

Have a listen here, and you can now find us on iTunes!

woo top phlog! 😀

[Intro by Dr*T]

R: Today we’re going to be reading some more from Jim Humble’s book, The Miracle Mineral Solution for the 21st Century.

M: Also, because we didn’t last time, we’d like to give more of an introduction to MMS and Jim Humble [JH for short!] himself, in case anyone hasn’t been keeping up with the exciting news.

R: I was one of the people to discover MMS; I found it on a Crohn’s Disease support forum and I recorded a video about it. I also adapted the video into a blogpost. I discovered it being introduced as possibly a treatment for Crohn’s disease, I noticed people who were saying it had done wonders for them. Then I did more research into it and found it was being claimed that it could cure absolutely everything. The miraclemineral.org site claims it can cure:

AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer

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