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SDWFD: Episodes 3-6!

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Hello from Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo!

You can listen to Episode 3 in which we read Chapter 1 of Jim Humble’s book, and Episode 4 covering Chapter 2 (guest hosted by Hayley Stevens of Righteous Indignation, because I was away! Thanks for filling in, Hayley).

Also check out Rhys on the One Show! Bringing ‘bleachgate’ to the masses.

In Episode 5 (also on iTunes!) we’re taking a break from Jim’s book (back to Chapter 3 in Episode 6!) to look at some other woo;

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Annie Cap (therapist/telesales extraordinaire)
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Live blood imaging (guest report from @JoBrodie)
  • Pumpkin Pie for pudding


Cosmetic Acupuncture

Rhys reads from the leaflet he picked up in one of the two Health with Herbs stores in Cardiff, shown below [when he’s scanned & sent it to me!].

I had a look at this website cosmetic acupuncture and their ‘About’ section (I have italicised for emphasis):

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and although relatively new to the west the Chinese have been using points on the face to combat the signs of ageing and to help with various skin conditions for many years. It was in use as early as the Sung Dynasty (960AD – 1070AD) when the Empress and Emperor’s concubines received cosmetic acupuncture.

A cosmetic acupuncture treatment will obviously concentrate on points and muscles of the face in order to improve elasticity of the skin and general overall appearance. During the treatment the practitioner will also needle constitutional points on the patient’s legs, arms and body, these are the points that will help to balance and harmonise the patient’s inner elements.

Studies published in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture in 1996 showed that of 300 people who received Facial Acupuncture, 90% demonstrated marked results after only their first treatment. [I can’t find this study; if anyone can, please send to superwooduo@gmail.com!]

Over the course of treatments the patient can not only expect to be looking more radiant and their skin revitalised, but they will also start to feel more at balance and happy in themselves. The Irish Times recently acclaimed* this treatment as:

“…a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery and the effects can run much deeper than simply improving appearances.”

When the patient feels more in control of their body, mind and spirit they can then start to address other issues in their lives. These may be things to do with exercise or lifestyle, or maybe they would like to stop smoking, or loose [sic] some weight. These are all things that we can achieve when we are in balance and feeling good about ourselves, once you start to feel like this, you will be surprised how much your self image improves. This can be achieved by cosmetic acupuncture bringing a person’s natural beauty to the surface.

* Here they fail to mention the closing line of said ‘acclaim’, which is:

“As I turned in that night, I looked expectantly in the mirror again, only to conclude that a brisk walk or even a swim would have left more of a glow on my face.”

Annie Cap

There is a street in my home town that has a very high turnover of shops; the rent is high, few succeed enough to stay there very long. One of the latest editions caught my eye with this window sign:

I picked up some leaflets from outside and went on with my day. Annie Cap has her own website which is worth a look, and her leaflet is [will be!] below.

Colloidal Silver

This is the wiki article we were looking at for a bit of background on colloidal silver. The link to argyria is well worth a look.

The main worry with this ‘therapy’ is its ability to interfere with the absorption of several drugs; so people on medication may be seriously harming themselves if they choose this alternative therapy at the same time.

Healthy Pumpkin Pie for Pudding

As a happy thanksgiving to our American friends & listeners, he’s a tasty pie recipe that apparently is super-healthy too!!

From naturalnews.com:

How to make the creme…

In a small work bowl of a food processor, place:

Cashew nuts (truly raw-unheated, hand-shelled) = 3-3/4-ounces (refer to notes)

Blend cashews into a nut butter.
Add to food processor:

Water = 6-tablespoons (refer to notes)

Maple syrup (pure, grade B) = 3-tablespoons

Vanilla (pure extract) = 1-teaspoon or equal amount vanilla bean powdered (the vanilla bean powdered is preferred)

Puree ingredients.
Add to food processor:

Psyllium husks powder (plantago ovata) = 2-teaspoons

Press psyllium into mixture. Puree and let creme stand for 10-15 minutes. After creme has thickened, puree again. Place creme atop the pie. Level out the creme. Voila! Cut pie into 8 large pieces or 16 small pieces.

Optional Garniture:

Pumpkin seeds (heirloom, unheated and organic) = 1-cup

Maple syrup (pure, grade B) = 2-tablespoons

Salt, cinnamon and ginger (dried, powdered) = 1/4-teaspoon of each

Place salt, cinnamon and ginger into a bowl and mix. Stir in maple syrup. Stir in pumpkin seeds. Sprinkle up to 1/2-cup spiced, sweet pumpkin seeds over crust then add filling. Top pie with creme. Over top of creme, sprinkle up to 1/2-cup spiced, sweet pumpkin seeds. This garniture adds more pumpkin sapor and a crunchy texture to pie. For festive color, surround each piece of pie with fresh cranberries.


*1 Many cashew nuts sold as raw are heat processed to remove their shell. The definition of “raw” for the cashew industry means “not roasted”. In this scheme of things, cashews-in-shell are either boiled in oil or scorched in fire in order to condition the shell (prior to cracking) and speed the process. During this heating process, the cashew nut degrades significantly. Seek out organic, truly raw (unheated) cashew nuts that are hand shelled.

*2 Bottled spring water from the marketplace is not recommended. Fresh water from one of earth’s natural springs is highly recommended.

*3 Best flavor and best nutrition comes from food that is heirloom and grown organically, sustainably or biodynamically.

Article References
Maple Syrup
Cashew Nuts
Vanilla Bean

About the author

This recipe creation is by Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall. Via YouTube video, Dianne brings you alive healthful recipes that she and Paul enjoy time and time again. Catch Dianne and Paul in food-prep recipe-demoing action ToLiveWellNow.
Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall has a passion to share her many extremely challenging experiences and the grand lessons she has learned. If you could pick up a blue-eyed blonde-haired little girl of 5 and spare her so very many years of forthcoming pain of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental, would you? Dianne was this little girl. Born in 1963, Dianne desires to share information that comes from deep suffering in order to help parental figures understand how to give children an abundant life(as well as themselves). Dianne wants to help people ToLiveWell!

[I really don’t get that last paragraph!! Intriguing.]


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