The music of Destiny – pt. 2

Here's where we left off - in my part 1, on the title track from Destiny 2 - Shadowkeep. Yesterday, the Destiny 2 - The Witch Queen - Season of Plunder dropped, and we've got a wealth (heehee) of new tunes to get into, so better continue with what we've already grown to love first! …

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“Don’t make everything political”

The BBC has decided that certain current-events reporters should not be seen to attend or tweet about certain events/issues/movements lest their "impartiality" apparently be compromised. Let's see where this goes - hopefully swiftly to the bin once unions and lawyers are through with it - but also let's talk about what impartial really means when it comes to identity.

Double standards in judgement

This makes me very, very angry. Originally posted via Storify The victim in the Ched Evans rape case was relocated and given a new identify because people took it upon themselves to judge her a liar, him and his friends heroes because he kicks a ball for lots of money - they harassed her relentlessly. …

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Substituting for ‘crazy’

As I'm sure I've argued before, words really do matter in some contexts. They both reflect and define our realities, and can indicate to each other what we feel and think about things, as well as what's acceptable in groups. People might now switch off because "omg the PC police" but, try replacing "political correctness gone …

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On being a “digital academic”

A colleague asked me why I "left science" last year. I don't really feel like I have; my dayjob involves writing about the amazing research and related goings-on at the place where I completed my PhD. I still feel connected to science; I'm just not at the bench. Perhaps I'm lying to myself, but I'll …

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