Let’s dispose of the gender reveal party

Yet another "gender reveal party" explosion has caused massive damage to the surrounding area. Not the first, second or even fifth time - and while none have died yet, others have in similar incidents. Let's end this ridiculous trend.

Offended by swearing? Get better priorities

Swearing, cursing, profanity, whatever you want to call it. [Post contains swearing, obviously] Understatement: there's a lot of bad stuff here on planet Earth. Enough for a lifetime of sadness, worry, anger, fear and all the negative feelings. So many inhumane things that people do to each other and this bit of shared space. So …

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“Misandry”? Fantasy.

Misandry isn't a thing. To start, feminism is not about 'hating men', as we always have to justify. To steal a quote, imagine hating women so much that you take a movement for their betterment and make it all about men anyway. Feminism aims for equality and equity across gender - but historically focuses on …

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Stop apologising for your gender, dudes

Other people have said this better than me but I want to collate those responses here because this still happens all the time and it's always irritating. https://twitter.com/noodlemaz/status/1040744121026007040 Bailey Poland's post says it all, really. It also makes the important point that these kinds of apologies are not only found in discussions of men/gender, but in other …

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