What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy - there's nothing in it. People often confuse 'homeopathy' for all 'home remedies' but it's a specific kind of alternative medicine quackery that involves diluting substances til none of them remain and believing that water has 'memory', and 'like-cures-like'; neither of which are true!

QEDcon 2017

My 7th QED in a row came around in October 2017. The usual mess of train snacks and a bit of celebratory boozing on the train up, a different (bizarre) hotel - thanks, The Britannia! - and straight into catching up with old friends. Volunteering last year was enjoyable, but there is always a great …

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QEDcon 2016

After about 13 hours of sleep post-QED, I started to write some words about it! 6 years in a row. A strange feeling walking back into a hotel room like one I stayed in 3 years ago, but quickly settling into familiarity, largely because of all the friendly faces to see and hugs to give/receive. I …

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QEDcon 2015

As ever, the opening video didn't disappoint - congratulations to all whose hard work made this tweaked Left Behind trailer funny and so technically impressive: QED is my Christmas; or, what I imagine Christmas to be like for people who actually enjoy it. My family now is smaller than it was, and we do things our own way, …

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Healthy Evidence Forum

Sense About Science have launched a new discussion forum today, called Healthy Evidence: "We are very pleased to tell you that NHS Choices Behind the Headlines have asked us to partner with them on a new online forum to help people understand the science behind health claims and connect them with expertise. Healthy Evidence is …

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