The music of Destiny – pt. 2

Here's where we left off - in my part 1, on the title track from Destiny 2 - Shadowkeep. Yesterday, the Destiny 2 - The Witch Queen - Season of Plunder dropped, and we've got a wealth (heehee) of new tunes to get into, so better continue with what we've already grown to love first! …

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The music of Destiny – pt. 1

I want this to be a love letter* to one of my favourite games of all time (well, two of them, technically) - Destiny, by Bungie. A friend shared the early pre-release trailer with me since we'd been playing a lot of Halo together (the franchise that made Bungie famous; they made Halo 1-3, Reach …

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Problems with “stupid”

Stupid. A word I have used so many times for many years. It's easy, simple, versatile and vitriolic if you want it to be. Dismissive and gratifying. But these are also things that can be wrong with it. It's a hard habit to shake, but I think it's worth trying, or at the very least …

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International Women’s Day: action

I see a lot of people and orgs starting their posts with "Happy International women's day!" (or... that's the whole post) and, well... what? The "happy!" imperative unsettles me, because, while we absolutely can and should celebrate women and women's achievements on this day, that part is a bit of a distraction/not the point, to …

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“Don’t make everything political”

The BBC has decided that certain current-events reporters should not be seen to attend or tweet about certain events/issues/movements lest their "impartiality" apparently be compromised. Let's see where this goes - hopefully swiftly to the bin once unions and lawyers are through with it - but also let's talk about what impartial really means when it comes to identity.