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superwooduo2Our podcast’s blog – Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo – exists! A little under construction at the moment, apologies. [Who am I kidding, we’ll probably never finish it!]

You can listen on ipadio and iTunes.

Find my posts about Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Solution tagged under SuperwooduoMMS or Bleachgate.

You can e-mail us with feedback at superwooduo@gmail.com !

Also see: Rhys’ blog

One thought on “SuperWooDuo

  1. I think you should be covering the wondrous work of this Oxford guy, (Holford is it?) who has vitamins which can cut brain shrinkage by 500%.

    This is clearly material for a million dollar Clay Foundation award: mathematical breakthroughs like this are rare. The rest of us have been unable to reduce anything more than 100%!

    Then again, I could be wrong: maybe he just means their brains grow five times as large…


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