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Libel Reform and Science Funding

Libel Reform Next Step

I officially have permission to attend the Mass Lobby at the Commons on Tuesday, hurrah.

If you’re in London and can be there 13:00-17:00, do e-mail your MP to notify them of your attendance and come along. We can get this done.

Big Libel Gig Epic Win

Sunday was the amazingly successful Big Libel Gig – many thanks to all of the organisers, I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Click the link for Skepchick’s audio and video coverage featuring interviews with the performers.

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Libel Bullies

Original post from last week, March 13th, but relevant with this story coming to light today*.


To support the libel reform campaign, it is Libel Week, culminating in the Big Libel Gig on Sunday (which I am excited to be attending – blog post later!). The Free Word Centre (together with INDEX on Censorship and English Pen) hosted an event on the 11th March entitled

“What You Don’t Get To See: Libel’s Impact on Documentary Film”

Three excellent speakers detailed how the UK’s libel laws have impacted on their desire to bring important truths to the public’s attention, thus affecting them personally (financially and psychologically) and seriously restricting the availability of information on issues such as health, the environment, finance and politics. Continue reading

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Singh when you’re winning… (cont. 2)

Hilarious P-taking of homeopathic ‘theory’ here.

“Their account will ‘remember’ the millions we used to give them and they can then try to buy new clinics by telling the builders about all the money that used to be there.”

As I said this morning, I trekked down to the Royal Courts of Justice to cheer Simon Singh on his way into the beginning of the appeal against the BCA’s libel claim, along with plenty of other sceptics supporting English libel law reform (sign !!!).

The feeling was good and many of the crowd filed into the courtroom to watch the proceedings; in a way I wish I had, too, but a) had to get to work and get on with SCIENCE and b) apparently people who travelled from Leicester got turned away due to lack of space, so now I don’t feel bad for depriving them of seats.

The latest Jack of Kent blog post details some of the goings-on from today, including a heartening description of the support: Continue reading

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Singh when you’re winning… (cont.)

23 February 2010, 13:07

Firstly, this is great.

Westminster Skeptics last night: very good indeed (Photos from @mjrobbins), and this morning I met up with some fellow nerdy sceptics outside the Royal Courts of Justice to cheer Simon as he went in for the case brought by the BCA (some photos here by Mr Robert Sharp from English Pen; I’m short and invisible, but I was holding a sign!!)

The main theme covered by all speakers last night was the necessity of free speech, namely criticism, within science and medical science especially. Continue reading

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Singh when you’re winning…

From 20 February 2010, 14:05

[Edit 21/02/2010: Jack of Kent’s latest post on Simon Singh’s libel case.]

Here is some info on Libel Reform, how I got into it, why it’s important etc. mostly recycled from old Facebook notes.

New links:
Please sign this petition (read on to find out why!) [edit: and this one!]
Dave Gorman’s blog on the subject.
New Scientist piece. Continue reading

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Homeopathy – what’s in it?

18 February 2010, 10:56

Good grief, it’s been a long time. I can’t even remember which font and so on I used to use…
I guess that’s the problem with Facebook etc.; when you can make frequent, small updates, what’s the point of writing a big one?

Well, I feel I should get back into it. Blogging is very much en vogue and finally starting to feel like I want to make my point again, having been thoroughly disillusioned by general stupidity in the world for quite some time.

So, today I’m going to write a bit about homeopathy, the 10.23 campaign and other stuff, having seen this reported in the Metro this morning*. Continue reading