“Misandry”? Fantasy.

47aMisandry isn’t a thing.

To start, feminism is not about ‘hating men’, as we always have to justify. To steal a quote, imagine hating women so much that you take a movement for their betterment and make it all about men anyway.

Feminism aims for equality and equity across gender – but historically focuses on women because women have and do bear the brunt of that brand of prejudice and discrimination. This isn’t hatred for anyone.

It makes sense to concentrate on an oppressed class in a movement. We don’t (or shouldn’t) expect gay rights campaigns to constantly discuss straight people. We don’t – or shouldn’t – get mad about a charity raising money for a specific disease as if it’s offensively exclusionary to others. This makes no sense (and it’s what the ‘all lives matter’ crowd do, too).

People are capable of caring about multiple things at once, so whataboutism is not warranted, but generally, in order to advance and progress, a cause must have some focus.

all houses matter!
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Show me the time when – worldwide – men have been oppressed; denied property and freedom, rendered objects and the property of women by law. When violence against men by women is epidemic. When they are denied access to education for being men. When systematically they are disenfranchised so that over time they accrue less wealth and are afforded less respect and have to fight and die to gain the right to vote and be independent humans equal under the law?

Show me when that’s happened so much through the world that men are negatively viewed, attacked, blamed for their own suffering and shouldered with the burden of the most unpaid labour?

Never. It never happened, there is no systematic discrimination against men (for being men – all of these things do apply to race, when a man’s race is not white.).

Misandry is not “disliking men” or an individual hating men because of what a man or some men did to them. That happens because humans are humans and disliking individuals for their actions or views is natural. Men may face discrimination, or even prejudice.

Disliking men really is also, statistically, a very logical position to take in life. Men as a class earn a lot of people’s ire (more than they likely receive), given the way so many view and treat women so frequently. Personally, in law, in business, in sport, wherever we care to look.

“Misandry” is not found in the comic relief driven push-back against our victimisation with ‘male tears’ mugs or #killallmen. These are not reflections of a reality in which men are suffering, or a call to real and unjust action.

Men are also negatively affected by rigid gender roles that ultimately paint femininity as a bad thing – no one is pure masculine or feminine, and demanding unrealistic masculinity from men with no hint of stereotypically feminine traits (emotion, care, vulnerability, gentleness…) creates toxicity. That is still misogyny; the idea that femininity should be restricted to women alone, and that those things separately or together equate to weakness.

These ideas also harm gay and bisexual men, as well as nonbinary, agender and trans people. Ideas such as the expectation that men should romantically and/or sexually pursue (despite apparently looking down upon) women only; that being a receptive partner in sex is feminine and men should not be that; that women must be feminine and hints of masculinity in their character or sexual choices are deviant; and that one must clearly be one of two genders to be ‘normal’.

But cis (ie. not trans) men would benefit from gender equity, too. All humans need to be free to experience the full range of their humanity, unrestricted by gendered expectations and restrictions, or discrimination.

Again. Misandry is not a thing. People who fight against gender inequality are not misandrist (or misandric, or misandristic; whatever weird spelling people come up with). It’s a problem with [some] men’s actions, beliefs, words, behaviours – so if you’re bothered that we talk about it, do better. Tell other men to do better, instead of trying to make this a thing.

Misogyny is historic, global and systematic. There is no equivalent for men so please don’t pretend that there is – it’s bullshit.


Oh and William Shatner thinks it’s real. Please dump this hero yesterday, thank you.

14 thoughts on ““Misandry”? Fantasy.

  1. Laust Cawz

    You need to watch the documentary “The Red Pill”, made by a woman, Cassie Jaye, who, in making the film, was shocked to discover how dead wrong her feminist assumptions were. She’s not the only woman protesting misandry, which is all too real. There are also YouTube videos by “Christy O Misty”, “ShieldWife” & the book “Why Men Don’t Iron”, by a woman & man, Anne & Bill Moir. You need to wake up from your spoiled, ignorant sleep.

      1. JustAGuy

        Translation: “LALALALALA! I don’t care about facts that contradict my hatred”

        You’re exactly the type of people that attacked Jaye.

  2. How do you know what’s in it if you haven’t watched it for yourself? You should wake up from your prejudice. Misandry is every bit as real as misogyny – perhaps even more so, because it operates under a veneer of anti-Patriarchy. And capital “P” Patriarchy isn’t even a thing.

  3. Michael Steane

    Show me the time when men have been: oppressed

    1. Whenever their societies have been overrun, the men have been killed or taken as slaves while the women have been married off. e.g. Asia Minor c 5000 BC – 1000 A.D. The same thing applies today in instances such as Boko Haram: 200 schoolgirls get kidnapped and held ransom resulting in non-stop attention throughout the world, while the 10 000 boys burned alive or killed by the same group are almost completely ignored.

    2. Denied property and freedom; look at any man getting divorced these days. Throughout history, it has only been a very few men who have had any property to speak of. The bottom 20% of all societies, including all western societies consists mainly of men.

    3. Rendered objects: happens to good-looking men all the time. Note that it is women who objectify other women the most, and further that women spend a great deal of time and effort objectifying themselves.

    you are basing this on the idea that married women were “property.” No, they were a responsibility. Women have always been and still are, very keen to get married. It is a good deal for them and always has been.

    4. Show me when that’s happened so much through the world that men are negatively viewed, attacked, blamed for their own suffering and shouldered with the burden of the most unpaid labour. Right now.

    The fact that you cannot see any of this is a reflection of your solipsism, the kind of thing that allows Hillary Clinton to say in perfect seriousness “Women are the primary victims of war, they lose their husbands, brothers and sons.”

    While it may only be a minority of feminists that hate men, the rest are selfishly indifferent. It is an evil, destructive movement.

    1. Married women’s life expectancy goes down, whereas it goes up for men. Most of this deserves no response but your insistance that marriage is a ‘good deal’ for women is wrong on too many levels to let it slide.

  4. As a woman, I must say I feel sorry for you. To live a life so filled with delusion, to ignore the mountains of evidence in front of your eyes, to be not just ignorant but actively stupid? I cannot think of a more pathetic, miserable, and shameful existence. You have my pity ❤

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