Wedding gifts – to Charity!

So I’m getting married tomorrow (!!) and as only a few loved ones can attend in person, and I know so many brilliant people all over the place, we’ve set up some charity fundraising opportunities in lieu of gifts.

We’re very lucky and don’t need anything, and there are loads of great causes, so here are 4 to choose from.

See below the links for more about these choices (Edit: and some totals). Also even if you can’t give anything, a share instead would be much appreciated! 

Thank you!

Macmillan Cancer Support

In 2013 my dad died with bowel & bladder cancer, a really nasty and slow process that would have impossible to deal with at all without the help of Macmillan’s brilliant staff; nurses and much more besides.

This charity works miracles for families that struggle with caring for terminally ill people (who doesn’t) and it’s absolutely invaluable work. Anything you can give helps support this vital service.

(Sorry this one is a bit confused; it will thank you for “your donation in celebration of Baker & Berg wedding’s wedding!” ” – oops! Never mind.)

Mucking about in the lab! (You get lots of waiting time during experiments…)

Cancer Research UK

Without being lucky enough to interview for and get a position on the Molecular Pathology of Cancer Training Programme back in 2007, and finishing my PhD in 2012, I would not have had the privilege of working with some great cancer researchers here in London for many years both during and after my postgraduate work.

I would not have met most of the amazing people I know today – including the fiancé probably! So I owe them a great deal.

More importantly, this charity funds a huge amount of research and technology development, as well as public education and campaigning for health services in the UK, with so many brilliant people working on the problem of cancer. Many of its funded researchers are directly affected by cancer, too – most of us are. Please give if you can!

CLIC Sargent

This excellent organisation specifically focuses on helping young people with cancer, including children. I have some friends who are survivors – and I’ve known people who didn’t make it. Those people and their families need support. I was also unable to attend a fantastic fundraising gig for them late last year, so please give if you can to help this great cause.

Folly Wildlife Rescue

My sister & me at “camp cock” some years ago

My sister has been a veterinary nurse for almost as long as I can remember; she’s passionate about animals, all things great and small and furry and scaly and slimy and more. She’s personally saved many little lives and helped uncountable families who love their non-human family members.

She’s worked with this charity voluntarily for years and they help out lots of Kent’s critters – they always need supplies and anything you can give will help them support the local wildlife. Thank you!

Whether you’re able to give a gift to one or more of these organisations on our behalf or ask around for us, it’s much appreciated.

Thank you!

After the fact, we have some rough totals in – rough because not everyone had the references available, or correct, or forgot to add them – so we obviously don’t have the anonymous/unattributed ones in here. Thank you regardless, it’s all great and the fact it’s definitely more than this, even better!

  • Cancer Research UK: £530 (+£115 Gift Aid)
  • CLIC Sargent: £280
  • Macmillan: £175
  • Folly Wildlife Rescue: £95

Adding in a confirmed non-referenced £25 from a lovely Tweep, that’s an impressive £1080 (not including Gift Aid)!

These should be open for some time, so if you stumble upon this much later and feel like throwing the cost of a pint or something their way, please do. Comment below if you wish to, but as it’s not for our glory, no matter if not!

Thanks again, everyone ❤

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