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America’s romanticised assault – the kiss and the statue

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Read the full piece at The Malcontent

Yesterday I learned about this sculpture in the States, titled “Unconditional Surrender” by Seward Johnson, via a photography group on Facebook that I’m a member of (and has shut down the discussion I had about it, due to it apparently not being the “proper platform” for a discussion of what art represents or emotions it elicits – partly due to admins noting the hostility in comments on other pieces written about this incident).

A photographer who captured this statue in black & white said, after I raised the issue of this being an assault [edited for spelling etc],

The first part of what this commenter said in response to my pointing out it’s assault to grab people and force kisses on them?

“I am a believer in the rights of women and they should be protected at all costs and I am very much against violence against women and would put all such men in jail and throw away the key but…”

But, indeed.

Head over to The Malcontent to read some more of my words on this – hoping to post there more often and keep my pages here a bit more diverse than just feminist ranting!

“…this picture (in my opinion) portays emotion at the end of a conflict in which many men didn’t come home and see it as a innocent kiss – I’ve read the article you attached and who said the guy was drunk or the lady unwilling to be kissed. That we will never know. I understand your concerns but I am sure that that is all it was”

10847982_10101378860216868_8629423803986044308_nWe do know. And you should be concerned, or at least stop making excuses.

This is an exceptional Storify on toxic masculinity – do read through it.

And this is a handy shareable image that sums up my point – not that we must shout from the rooftops that this individual woman is a victim who should be angry, but that we should all stop teaching young people – and ourselves – that it’s OK to ignore others’ boundaries.

It’s not OK for anyone to do this to another person. It’s not romantic, it’s not cute, “different times” aren’t an excuse. Stop teaching men assault is permissable, stop teaching women to accept it.


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I prefer to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but perhaps that's just optimistic. Honest, atheist, scientist, feminist.

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