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Quacks a-calling


I just returned home to East Kent for the weekend as my mum’s birthday is coming up.

About 5 minutes after I get in the door she told me about a nuisance caller. Fortunately her head is screwed on pretty well and she knows not to give these people any information and tends to ask to be taken off their list asap, after asking where they got our number (we’re ex-directory).

However, this wasn’t the usual ‘can we send a window cleaner?‘ or recorded ‘you’ve won a massive yacht!‘ type thing.

Apparently the guy, called ‘Gloster‘ or something to that effect, was calling from ‘the Wellness Centre‘.

We have something like that here – though not where the call came from – and I might pop in to see what they’re offering because the sign outside is emblazoned with CHIROPRACTOR and a list including Yoga, Massage and even X-Ray. Unfortunately that lovely orange sign isn’t on Google Maps, but there’s also an osteopathy clinic directly opposite, interestingly.

Anyway, the call.

He was asking probing questions about my mum’s physical health.

We’re talking to people in our area over 50… any aches and pains?

She insisted she wasn’t going to divulge any such information. He seemed surprised that she didn’t even have arthritis and continued to press for info, moving on to asking about my dad and continuing along the arthritis route.

Are you aware the medication your doctor gives you won’t cure it?

To which she replied yes, of course – nothing cures it.

Natural remedies can control it and stop it spreading

At which point she asks if he’s promoting homeopathy and things and she’s not interested because it’s been proven not to work (trained her well it seems!!).

Other people have had similar experiences:

The caller asked me if I had arthritis to which I answered no, and then any other health problems.  Again I said no and she asked me my secret!  I asked her for more details of what the call was about and she rambled something about health and senior citizens.  I said I wasn’t a senior citizen (I’m 46) and she immediately hung up without another word.

Unfortunately she couldn’t get any more information about them; he declined to give her a number to phone back ‘in case she had some questions’ but amusingly did not withold the number: 0208 619 0746, which is more of a Croydon area number than the Midlands or anywhere else.

A quick interweb search brings up this page (where I found the above account) of people asking what this number is. There are some pretty disturbing accounts on there. Some commenters managed to get the company information by pretending to be interested:


Sanda Wellbeing Ltd is VAT registered and our number is: GB 925 6675 90
The full name of our company is Sanda Wellbeing Ltd
We are registered in England and Wales under registration number 06377623
Our address is 3, Montpelier Avenue, Bexley, Kent, DA5 3AP
You can contact us via email on complaints@sandawellbeing.com

Though a comment on the last page posts details of the distribution companies being struck off last month, and they seem to have another address or two. Yorkshire NHS lists them as a scam.

One person theorises:

My asumption is that this is the payback for having all our medical records shipped to india for data entry purposes

Possible? More importantly, can we shut them down? The suggestion is to contact the local Trading Standards:

Bexley Heath Trading Standards Office:
2a Hadlow Road
DA14 4AF

Email: ts.duty@bexley.gov.uk
Tel: 0208-303-7777

This is horrendous abuse of personal information (almost everyone states that their names were used, though they got our family name slightly wrong, they clearly have this info to hand), direct marketing of dodgy ‘products’ to vulnerable individuals and an obvious scam.

I’ll go as far as to bring this back to the ongoing campaign to make the general public more aware of the inefficacy of alternative medicine and the fact that there are people out there who are aware of this and using people’s trust of natural and holistic treatments to make money.

If people were more clued-up on evidence-based medicine and the layers of bullshit that a lot of alt med is built on, more people would be able to spot when they’re being had.

I would advise, if you are concerned about your relatives receiving such calls (even if they subscribe to TPS), that the following numbers are blocked: 01280730030; 02086190070-02086190075 inclusive;  and 02086190746.

I’m sure there are lots of these sorts of things, but the very direct questioning and suggestion of ineffective medical treatment from GPs, plus offering expensive rubbish to ‘control and prevent spread’ of serious diseases – scary stuff.

Author: noodlemaz

I prefer to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but perhaps that's just optimistic. Honest, atheist, scientist, feminist.

23 thoughts on “Quacks a-calling

  1. I was having a good day until I read this.

    I (and our business) get plagued by cold callers… but alternative quack remedy callers? Targeting older people…?

    I hope they ring me. I’m 53 and I’ll be quite happy to waste some of their time. In fact, I’ll string them along for a very long ride.

    Bugger. I’d had a good evening in the Ship Inn.

    Many thanks Noodlemaz for raising this.


  2. We are just a health Suppliment company who deal in natural suppliments which basically help to control the pain of Arthritis by Bringing down the Inflammation and we never sell saying it will cure arthritis(get your facts correct)and the suppliments we offer U get it at your health shops but we offer highest strength at the most reasonable price for senior citizens,as money is a pinch for them.
    We never force them,its just that we put forward the facts about Rosehip and if people are interested they buy,we never forcefully give it to them(they are not kids)
    We also monitor their every 25 days to see the improvment,so stop wasting your time and also people who read it and get a job and if U dont have a job come down to India we will give U one…..looser

    • ‘Looser’? ‘Suppliment’? ‘Suppliments’? ‘Bringing’? ‘Inflammation’? ‘U’? If you represent a company which is trying to be professional you fail dismally on spelling and grammar in every line.
      Your caller, Mabel (!), asked to speak to my stepfather who has been dead for some years. Your data is therefore very out of date and upsetting. Our telephone number is TPS registered and I am now going to complain to that service regarding your unsolicited call. I am also going to do my best to publicize your shameful and questionable activities.

  3. Kiran rao, you’re a bunch of scam merchants trying to con money out of the elderly and infirm. people like you disgust me.

    • See All we are trying to do is earn a living by doing some work and we dont force them to give their Account Details and we strictly work under UK Laws and follow DATA PROTECTION ACT whereby we only take Debit Cards as Credit Card payments Cannot be traced and we also provide bill and even bank gives a statement about the payment….and my apologies if I was being a bit Vulgar in my language…….and we aint selling marijuana or weed but something which really helps and Clinically Tried and Tested or Govt of UK would not let us sell that..

  4. Kiran… why is it that you assume that since our dear friend here took some time out of her day, that she is unemployed? Come down to India? “Looser”? I mean, that’s ridiculous. I’m certain she could find a job much closer to home without having to pay for travel to India, acquire a work visa, find living arrangements, etc.

    Also, I don’t know about England, but in Canada (where most of our laws are based on England’s anyways…) you actually need to get something to the effect of a license in order to call residential homes for business proposals. Noodlemaz, I encourage you to look into the existence of such a law. It’s a pretty hefty fine over here.

    • Yes we have acquired an License Number and we work according to UK Trading Standards and most of all we are not cheaters because of our products people who were taking 6-8 painkillers have cut down to 3-4 and there is a smile on their face,thats what they tell us when we call to monitor their health.Just because some people dont like us it doesn’t mean we are bad…..If u have doubts about our product then take it and judge it by yourself…..

  5. See All we are trying to do is earn a living by doing some work and we dont force them to give their Account Details and we strictly work under UK Laws and follow DATA PROTECTION ACT whereby we only take Debit Cards as Credit Card payments Cannot be traced and we also provide bill and even bank gives a statement about the payment….and my apologies if I was being a bit Vulgar in my language…….and we aint selling marijuana or weed but something which really helps…..

    • It may, or it may not. The question is why are the vulnerable and old being targeted and scammed (as reported in the press and on sites such as Whocallsme.com)? Type Sanda Wellness and Scam into any search engine and there are hundreds of victim’s reports of being duped and fleeced.

  6. I was going to spend some time looking into these guys… but found this page on whocallsme that does a pretty thorough job. It references a different number so I figured you might not have seen it.

    It’s a bit out of date – for example, as of 11 May, the company’s directorship has changed. Sadly the information as to why is behind a Companies House paywall. New directors are Vijay Dalwani and Mahesh Matta. Both of whom are ex-employees of Goldshield Group Plc, the former home of ex-Sanda director Ajit Patel. (Goldshield is an apparently legitimate generic drugs company.)

    All very incestuous. I’ll see what else I can find.

    @ Kiran: All you’re trying to do is make money by selling people “cures” that don’t work. Hopefully dharma will catch up with you.

  7. I have been getting these calls for several months. Each time I ask to be removed from the database and the calls stop for a while before they get going again. On one occasion, in answer to my request to be taken off the lists, I was told that I would be called ‘all day every day’. I reported the calls online to TPS and chose the nature of call option ‘market’ research from the various possibilities given. This choise was a mistake as, in response, I got an automated reply from TPS stating that as the purpose of the call was market research they could not pursue the company involved.

    I was not prepared to leave the matter there and ‘phoned TPS, explaining that, although the representative initially purported to be engaged in market research, their true business is pressure selling. TPS took the details and will contact the company to ensure that my number has been removed from their database and will also record the complaint. They said that if enough complaints are received then legal action will be taken against Sanda Well. I urge everyone to COMPLAIN TO TPS, EITHER BY PHONE OR IF ON LINE, CHOOSING THE COLD CALLING SALES OPTION. With enough recorded complaints we will stop these persistent parasites.

  8. After years of getting unwanted calls, I have found a way to curb (kerb?) calls and have fun. When I figure out that it is an obnoxious telemarketer, I pretend I am an addled old man with poor hearing. (getting easier every year-I’m 63 and I try to sound like 64) I tell the caller that I am hard of hearing and he needs to speak very loudly. No matter how loud he screams into the phone, I encourage himto bring the volume up just a bit more. Whatever they tell me, I misinterpret. If they offer me a discount, I counter with, “Why should I give you a discount?” If they give me a telephone number to call, I repeat it back all wrong and do that many times over. I assure you this scheme not only works, but it is fun and satisfying

  9. a simple solution to this would be say no at the beganing rather than proving your point,beating around the bush and posting comments,cause even these guys have a job to do….

  10. I Know this page is a bit out of date but I think this is awful, preying on the vulnerable elderly. I have just found out this week that my grandfather has been scammed for £3000 pounds for the past 6 months up here in morayshire scotland by http://www.sandawellness.com/sandawellnessuk/. He was too ashamed and frightened to say anything and was harassed by these people who would send him excessive amounts of supposed medication and charge extortionate rates even though he refused.
    I would appreciate if anyone reading this copies and pastes a warning about this company on facebook or any social network to spread the word and warn their relatives also if anyone can give myself a bit more info about the company and its dealings.
    Trading standards have been notified along with the police, banks, the local NHS (his daughter is a big part of it up here),Press, a Solicitor and also in the process of the BBCs watchdog.
    Thanks for your time folks.
    Now to drop down to the level of Kiran Rao for a bit, How about you travel up to scotland for as we say “a wee holiday” and we can get to know each other a bit better and we’ll provide some of that famous scottish hospitality that were known for.
    If your not up for that the just think, one day when your old and lonely it’ll be you kiran getting scammed and you’ll not be able to pay for the necessities in life, just a thought boss

    • Hello. Please see my post “gutted of kent”. I have come on line as a favour to my friend. We are not that internet literate. Is there anything I can do to report these people? I will tell my friend of your father. My friends mother is in her late 80’s and all her life has been careful with money. It is hideous what these people have done. My friend had asked her mum several times about this company and her mum was so ashamed that they called her “granny” and said she was their “top customer” and they all loved her…. It is appalling. Many thanks for your post. Please do let us know what we can do to report this.

      • The best thing to do is contact trading standards, within a week they have found out that several people in the area are affected, they have managed to get the papers involved Along with the police and council. They are in the process of gathering evidence on these so called health professionals. I think it will be a long haul reclaim all the money lost. I hope this helps.

  11. My friends elderly mother, recently widowed has been targetted by these people. They have only just realised, whilst going through her things that she has spent in total £11,000 – in 2 years. And they have tracked the phone records and the orders. They knowingly has slowly increased what they have sold to her and their phone calls. She was vulnerable. It is hideous what these people have done. Wellbeing??? Health???? How dare they pretend to care. That lady has been frugal all her life, my friend has wept for her mother. These people couldn’t care less about her health. How wicked and greedy these people at Sandawellness are.

  12. BEWARE !!
    These people are still going strong, we have removed 11 boxes from my motherinlaws house tonight and googled for the last two hours, Hope the scammers get what they deserve

  13. Hello there, I’m glad people have major suspicions, about this company. I managed to cancel a retreat holiday, to Goa. I had on idea which flight to catch, no holiday package, It was explained at a speed of 40 minuets per second, £2,500 from my credit card account. Plus I’m unemployed, and under mentoring, from my local mental health clinic. I also have moderate learning difficulties…

  14. Hi, haven’t pieced all the details together yet, but went to my mother’s house (who died yesterday), found 13 boxes from Sanda Wellness. Only opened a two boxes with, invoices for £999 to £299 in those couple opened. Need to check bank statements next. Mother definitely scammed between estimate £3,600 and £10,000. I say scammed because they obviously didn’t check whether she needed a re-supply even if she did know what she was doing, which i am sure she didn’t. Pressure selling to vulnerable old people. They should be ashamed!!.

    • That’s really sad, it’s so awful when people take advantage of your loved ones. Sorry to hear it.

    • When I cleared up and put my aunt’s house up for sale last year (Aunt was going into very sheltered accommodation at age 80yrs) I too found a large number of boxes from Sandawellbeing containing tablets which were subsequently thrown out. This cost her a total of in excess of £3,000 and she definitely was scammed and did not take the tablets or even open the boxes, the transactions with them were made over the telephone and she used a debit card. One would even wonder what is in this medicine, assuming it is probably vitamin tablets, albeit very very expensive ones. Has anyone ever been reimbursed by Sandawellbeing or had the tablets analysed ?

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