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Homophobia politika


Hellos, trust everyone is having a merry christmas-time, or at least surviving it!

Today I’m just going to have a quick rant about some fundamentalist religious antics. Yay! ..?

I was going to combine this with another thing but it’s getting longer and longer so I’ll just keep it separate. Back with that later!

Edit: Here’s a great article (thanks, Dawn) by a child raised by a gay couple – do read it, it’s not long!

The BBC’s Grass is Green

First, this morning’s cup of boiling anger was delivered by the BBC; you may or may not have heard that Elton and David have had a baby boy (via a surrogate, obviously). Now the Daily Mail delivers no surprises on this one, including the insinuation that men bringing up children aren’t even worthy of the title of father.

For some reason the BBC saw fit to get an ‘opinion‘ on this from one of our most conservative, fundamentalist christian voices – the utterly barmy and hate-filled man-shaped entity that is Stephen Green – someone far more suited to the odious pastures of the Mail.

What concerns me about this is not just the fact that they went to Green at all, but why – as the PinkNews article points out, Green has previously pitted himself against the BBC and lost:

On 8 January 2007, submissions were made on behalf of Stephen Green at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court to pursue private prosecutions for blasphemy against the Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson and the [Jerry Springer: The Opera] show’s producer, Jonathan Thoday

Green faced bankruptcy after this action and I find it impossible to believe that no one at the BBC realised who they were asking for an opinion here and I still can’t fathom why they did it.

They’ve a long-running problem of confusing the meaning and purpose of balance in reports and others have covered this with respect to their giving airtime to people like climate change (pseudo)skeptics (this is why that matters), quacks and religious commentators, where their opinions are irrelevant and/or extremely misguided, thus marginalising the real issue or putting it across inaccurately.

I liked this, from Alan Gibson:

… the link between the government and the BBC – one that has been central ever since the broadcaster’s establishment in the 1920s. To prove his own case, Aitken lists a string of Blairite journalists who moved from the BBC into politics during the 1990s. But he does not seem to see how this, and New Labour’s own almost manic need to control the news agenda, has made the BBC more a servant of the government than ever before.

It is obvious how the nature of BBC coverage of things like the student protests relates to its government links, but the point of getting Green’s views here evades me.

I’ve heard suggestions of religious homophobia permeating the ranks but is it that simple? Anyway, to move on from the liberal conspiracy a little, this on the CV site is amusing/irritating:

‘Will it be one with no respect for the Almighty or for other people? One with no sense of right or wrong? One with no limits? One with no acknowledgment of the sacred?

From those who have zero respect for people who do not conform to their particular view of ‘right’, who call for the death of such individuals and consider it just, who will go to alarming lengths to get their points across? Pot, kettle, CV.

Author: noodlemaz

I prefer to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but perhaps that's just optimistic. Honest, atheist, scientist, feminist.

11 thoughts on “Homophobia politika

  1. I tolerate/respect homosexuals, but the husband/wife treatment shocks me, partner sounds better, more appropriate/scientific; I do not support their raising children, either theirs or adopted; it is not until 16 yro that brain development is completed, and confusion is a very good word for describing what must happen to an immature brain confronted with the reality of a different family.

    • Thank you for leaving a comment Clauni.

      Wow, though… you ‘tolerate’ homosexuals?
      What exactly is there to tolerate? How do the sexual preferences of others impact on your life? Do you also ‘tolerate’ BDSM, fetishism generally (including within married couples) and any other stuff you yourself may or may not indulge in… or do you just ignore it and happily continue with life, because it in no way affects you whatsoever?

      ‘Partner’ is more ‘scientific’? I don’t know where to begin with that.

      What exactly is wrong with a loving couple bringing up a child with great care and affection – so many heterosexual couples give children horrific lives, devoid of love, full of abuse; yet these are preferable to a gay couple having a child in the eyes of many. For no reason other than their own prejudice.
      Have you spoken to any children of gay couples?

      You may also find this interesting: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/10/lesbians-child-abuse-0-percent_n_781624.html

      Are you suggesting that living with two mums or two dads will somehow ‘turn’ children gay and that this would be a horrible thing?

      The evidence doesn’t support this. Sexual orientation does not appear to be a choice, and even if it were, are you in a position to say it is a bad choice??

      All families have problems.
      Personally I’d rather have loving parents than a family that fits with social ideas of ‘normal’ that is without love or plagued by abusive behaviour, as so many are.
      We all have to deal with attacks in our lives, we have to become comfortable in ourselves in the face of various prejudices – prejudice against homosexuality is no reason to prevent people giving children great homes, especially when there are so many children who so desperately want one.

      I hope you will continue to consider your view of this issue.

    • Wow… a family that’s *different*? I think I speak for all regular, uniform, standard-issue children of Parents v1.0 when I express my shock that such a thing could ever be.

      Fortunately, I’m well past 16 now, so I’m never immature and don’t get confused by anything.

  2. Noodlemaz, we belong to different cultures and generations, hope you can understand it; your age, according to Rhys, is nearer to my grandchildren than to my children`s age; tolerate means I accept, not condemn/dislike them (have some dear gay friends);do you really think all gay couples are “loving couples” or will be for a very long time? Ideally, those wanting to be parents should pass a process of assessment to see if they can undertake that huge responsibility; “we have to become comfortable in ourselves” you say and I absolutely agree, that is one of the characteristics of maturity, never of a developing human being.

    • those wanting to be parents should pass a process of assessment to see if they can undertake that huge responsibility

      I don’t see why gay couples are different from any other couple in that respect; there are so many awful parents around, I don’t see how gender comes into that.

      However, a gay couple looking to adopt has to face all of this backlash – you have to be really serious about it to go through with it. The adoption process is gruelling enough; rest assured that the homosexual couples who do go through with it (and I’ve spoken to those who have given up because of issues around the legality of seeking your biological parents at a later date etc.) want it enough that they will be devoted parents.

      It’s so easy for people to have kids; it’s our most basic instinct after all. Why look down on those who have to jump through so many hoops already just to get what a couple of stupid kids can have by complete accident?

      I realise we are of different generations. However, there is no need to stick to what you were taught as a child. I have moved away from my parents’ views to varying degrees.

      Surely it is a commendable goal to always try to expand your horizons, to consider yourself (not just fall back on ‘it’s my culture’ – and that applies to many issues besides this one) and your own views and change them where necessary?

      If your dear gay friends saw what you wrote above, how would they feel? Perhaps how dear they are to you should suggest that whatever prejudices have filtered into your life could justifiably be challenged.

      Thanks again for your comment 🙂

  3. Merry Crimble to you too – and another good article!

    With respect, I don’t think the Mail was incorrect to describe Elton & David as ” ‘Fathers’ “. Maybe the paper was refering to the fact that neither man was the baby’s actual biological father? (Not often I give the DM the benefit of doubt!).

    Anyway, on to Stephen Green… or to give him his full name, Stephen Birdshit Green. This man and his cronies (Christian Voice has about 400 members) are rabid nutters. In fact, Green is nuttier than an overfed, constipated squirrel’s rectum. And that is seriously nutty.

    I remember when he was complaining about Ariane Sherine’s Atheist Bus Campaign on Radio 5-Live, and he honestly came across as being a total and utter prat. A few months later, he was bleating on about how the HPV vaccine should be banned because it would encourage young girls to have sex. The normally chatty 5-Live presenters were clearly stunned by his wacky views. Listening with me was my 13-year old daughter who was about to have her jabs, and she thought he just sounded “pervy”.

    The great thing about Green, though, is that he’s such a pervy-sounding nutter that he totally discredits theists in general and Christians in particular. His beliefs are so intolerant, hateful, unbalanced and just plain silly that he should be given some sort of special award for services to rational thought and skepticism. So, in a round-about way, the BBC may be doing us all a favour!

    I for one won’t be complaining to the BBC about them using Stephen Green as the ‘Voice’ of Christianity!! In fact I might even suggest they give him a regular slot on “Thought for the Day”!


    PS A Most Excellent New Year to you and yours!

  4. I do not have my culture`s views on this topic; the view of my culture is extreme prejudice, rejection, gross labels; my opinions of acceptance here are not politically correct.

    In your culture and times (Zeitgeist) your opinions are politically correct.

  5. Hi, Marianne. IDENTITY is the main problem for those children. Who am I? Where did I come from? People usually know ancestors: grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and we take that for granted, but some people can not do it.

    Identity troubles are in the root of many psychiatric conditions. I was for some time in Psychology, I have watched grow up my children/grandchildren, I know identity transparency is important in the development process.

    • Clauni,

      I’m having to exert substantial willpower not to resort to lazy sarcasm again, but… gay people do have ancestors, you know, and families. I’m not at all sure what your point is about this, or why identity should be a problem for such children.

      If it’s about adoption, and the fact that they might not have direct biological lineages they can trace back beyond the parents who raise them, then A) you’d have to raise the same objection to all kinds of adoption, fostering, or single parenthood (one gay parent could easily be the child’s biological mother or father, after all), and 2) you’d also have to justify why this kind of understanding of one’s biological roots is so important.

      I don’t see any reason to suppose that children of gay couples will be confused as to who their parents are. In fact, although I can’t source this right now, I think they tend to get the idea of same-sex parent couples pretty easily.

      And, as far as I’m aware (again, I’m just hazily remembering the data right now and don’t have citations to hand), the limited studies done so far on children raised by gay couples indicates that they don’t tend to be any psychologically troubled than any other kids. If you have any information tying any specific psychiatric conditions to troubles stemming from same-sex parenting, I’d be interested to hear about it.

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