SDWFD Episode 1

Here’s the transcript of Episode 1 for those who like it typed out with links! R: = Rhys and M: = me, if that’s not obvious. Emphasis in book extracts, denoted by { stuffaboutwoo }, is mine.

[Annoyingly-catchy jingle from Dr*T # welshboyo and noodlemaaaaz]

R: Hello and welcome to Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo (M: with capes!) – I’m Rhys! M: I’m Marianne!

R: This podcast is going to be all about Jim Humble‘s book, or at least this episode will. In future episodes, we aim to ramble on about quacky, wooey things M: General ridicule, bit of comedy, but there’ll be some serious stuff as well.

R: Yes. One person we aim to ridicule is Phaelosopher, for example!

M: Yes, I’d really like to see why he spelled it that way. R: Yeah! Why not spell it ‘Filosopher’ or something like that, why choose to spell it ‘Phaelosopher’ when that’s so easily exploitable?

M: It’s asking for trouble! R: Indeed it is. Anyway, I think we should get on with reading the editor’s note from Jim Humble’s book: Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. M: Let’s.

MMS Part 1: Editor’s Note

R: {Editor’s Note Dated October, 2009
First published in 2006 this book ranks among the most read books in the world. Over 3 million downloads have gone out from thousands of web sites. Over 4,000 web site owners are “friends of MMS” and they provide free copies to anyone who asks for it. The original copyright statement remains unchanged. As of June, 2009, Jim Humble became a perpetual traveler and his work continues in Africa and other countries as described in his updated web site

The links within the original book version gradually became obsolete or broken. Therefore a table has been placed at the end of the book which lists Internet

resources – recent educational materials that have been written mostly by Jim since June 2009. They are updated frequently and are listed at the end of this book.}

M: {The world-wide Flu Pandemic announced by the World Health Organization has caused numerous health web sites in the U.S. to be brought off-line. This is based on U. S. Congress openly supporting arrests and fines against persons and organizations that promote alternative remedies for flu and Influenza other than those approved by the World Health Organization. Vaccinations and Tamiflu or other approved antibiotics are said to be the only legitimate means of reducing flu symptoms. At the time of writing, most web sites located in non-US countries still provide MMS information as listed at the end of volume one.

Viewed as a classic work this book stands as the authentic history of how ClO2 came to the front as the most potent and powerful germicidal agent on the planet. Jim explains how activated MMS cannot harm normal living body cells. His contribution was that he found the best way to package MMS as a safe affordable product, and to test it for five years to prove reliable outcomes. His discovery is now used daily by more than a million people around the world, not including dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. All this since 2006 when MMS was introduced along with this book.}

R: {MMS suppliers are no longer listed or identified because search engines provide that information quite effectively.

Disinformation on the Internet states that MMS (and the ClO2 that it generates) is the same as chlorine and therefore it is dangerous. That is not true. Chlorine dioxide has been well known in industry for 70 years. Chlorine Dioxide is even an approved food additive at food-packaging time because it destroys salmonella, ecoli, and every other known germ – eventually converting into molecules of water as it disappears.}

M: {MMS was developed and tested by Jim between 2001 and 2006, involving over 75,000 volunteers in five different countries. This is the story of those years and the events that led to standardization of the current MMS product.

New protocols and methods for using MMS have evolved in the years since the release of this book. The latest discoveries and innovations are described in the links at the end of the book. Disregard links within the book – they are now obsolete. The Editor – October, 2009}


R: Mmm, a very interesting start. M: Indeed. So, this book apparently ranks among ‘the most-read books in the World’! R: Big claim! M: Not sure where they got their data on that. It is a big claim. And indeed, living up to his surname, it’s apparently viewed as ‘a classic work’.

R: Mm, think I’d disagree with that. M: think I would as well.

R: Maybe classic as in classically hilarious? M: Yes, I was going to say, it is a bit of a classic!

R: One thing that stood out to me was the ‘Tamiflu and other approved antibiotics” – I don’t think many doctors would recommend Tamiflu for .. M: bacterial infections, seeing as it’s not an antibiotic! R: But I also don’t think they’d recommend antibiotics for flu! M: Indeed, well they shouldn’t R: Yes, that would be rather silly and dangerous. I find it funny, you know, most doctors wouldn’t recommend Tamiflu for just your average flu; they only started giving it out for the swine flu pandemic.

M: More amusing perhaps is his clear separation between the millions human users and the “dogs, cats, horses and other animals” that have been happily taking MMS apparently! R: Yes, because everyone knows that they like to take ClO2, hehe!

M: Wasn’t there someone who was giving it to their cat recently, but the cat unfortunately died? I seem to remember hearing about that. R: Yes, that was on Facebook on the MMS/Jim Humble UK group. Which is now shut down! M: Ah it is, fantastic! That was a scary, scary place. R: Yes and there were some scary people on that M: Yes, asking how best to treat their infants with it.

R: I remember hearing as well about the child who was having activated MMS dripped into their eye, and they were saying how the eye was burning M: That was very distressing. R: but then Jim Humble told them that was a sign it was working! M: it’s the standard thing; however bad you feel, it just means it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. R: Rather concerning.

R: The final thing : straw man argument of saying “Disinformation on the Internet states that MMS (and the ClO2 that it generates) is the same as chlorine and therefore it is dangerous. That is not true” – I don’t see anyone on the internet claiming that MMS is chlorine, or that it’s the same as chlorine. M: no, certainly not, quite the opposite. Everyone seems to be pointing out that just because a particular element is in a compound, doesn’t mean the compound is going to behave as the element does – that’s pretty much never true – and anyone with basic chemistry knowledge knows that. R: Yes but Jim doesn’t seem to have basic chemistry knowledge M: of coures not!

R: I think finally the thing I wanted to point out was “MMS was developed and tested by Jim between 2001 and 2006, involving over 75,000 volunteers in five different countries” – if that took place in a double-blind trial, I would really like to see the results. M: Certainly, 75,000 is an impressive cohort! R: Yes, yes – something tells me though that he didn’t actually get 75,000, but if he did – if he did – if he didn’t do it in the setting of a clinical trial, well I’m sorry they’re just 75,000 anecdotes and no matter how positive they are, they’re all useless, medically.

M: Indeed, it seems he’s very fond of his round numbers, generally to the 5,000’s.  It’s a bit suspicious. [PS: sorry, suspect! I hate that!!] R: He is very fond of anecdotes as well – one that we’ll be coming on to later is how someone had given MMS to their young daughter, around the time of puberty, they gave them the MMS and they reported that their daughter had grown breasts because of MMS! M: Yes, it’s a revolutionary discovery! R: and I think it was all in the space of about a week! M: We’ll certainly come back to that one

M: So next week we’d like to do a bit more of a fuller episode so we’ll go into the Jim Humble’s first chapter in his book, also in later episodes we’ll be having some guest reports from people and we’ll be looking at some interesting leaflets from various CAM-type shops that are, irritating, let’s say!

R: I’ll just give you a little spoiler, one of them is going to be on ‘cosmetic acupuncture‘! M: and I have here something that was really annoying me at home, from a new ‘complimentary health therapy’ shop with a ‘qualified homeopath’ in residence R: Damn those homeopaths! M: Or ‘holistic therapist’ as her calling card says. R: I think you know when you see the word holistic, you’re talking about a CAMster.

R: OK, well thank you for joining us on this week’s Super-Duper Woo-Fighting Duo M: with capes!

R: You can find me on Twitter: @rhysmorgan M: and you can find me: @noodlemaz.

R: You can email us at – we’d appreciate any and all feedback, positive and negative – even if you’re a homeopath or even Jim Humble, if you are Jim Humble, please get back to us and we will read your comments. I think that’s a good place to end! Goobye. M: Bye!

PS. Thank you to Dr*T for this week’s intro!

PS: we forgot to ridicule “Africa and other countries” – because everyone knows Africa r country in Asia!!1!

Phew, that’s better.

In other news: new mic acquired and next time we’ll break up the reading with discussion instead of leaving it all to the end (thanks to @writerjames for emailing the suggestion, we’d already decided it was a good idea!).

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