Link Roundup: Bleachgate

First, sorry about yet another ‘gate’. This was not my idea. Blame Jo – it just caught on and who am I to shun the trend, hmm?

So, first, an update from Rhys on his rise to skeptical fame and how everything is going so far.

Alice wrote a great piece with a bit of vital chemistry.

Next up we have Ashley‘s contribution, a witty and terse look at the story from the point of view of someone who also suffers from chronic illnesses.

Also there’s James with a succinct summary of the story so far (went off on an s-alliteration spree there again, whoops).

Joe Schwarcz has this article in the Montreal Gazette, also covering Humble’s ridiculous claims about the miracle nature of his product, as he brags about in the video I ‘reviewed’ previously.

Liz Ditz has her own list of links relating to the course of events here, being one of the people who started sharing the MMS FDA warning.

Wonderful people in the Twittersphere have shared some interesting links too; @morungos posted this article explaining that Canada banned MMS back in May due to severe (one life-threatening) reactions.

Edit: from @hywel, scary ‘MMS studies’ website showing how dangerous Humble really is. Conning people out of money, promotion of seminars in developing countries, further miracle cure claims, and even their own church (via @lizditz). Unbelievable.

This is amazing [emphasis mine]:

Do you understand the power that a church has that hasn’t given up its power? Look at the Catholics. Their priests have been molesting women and children for centuries and the governments have not been able to stop it. If handled properly a church can protect us from vaccinations that we don’t want, from forced insurance, and from many things that a government might want to use to oppress us.

Hey, if religion can let you get away with sexual assault scott-free, great! Let’s get some of that action and screw the MAN. It’s so tragic it’s almost funny, almost. Apart from all the impoverished people drinking $20/bottle bleach.

Bleachgate (writing it still causes a small shudder…) also gets a mention in The Hand & Mouse as an interesting bit of content from the past week!

More links as they come.

Edit: from Rhys, Professor Majeed‘s short article about the ups and downs of patient access to information online.

Rhys also pointed out that if you google ‘bleachgate’, my avatar comes up 😀 It’s an Avatar! Geddit? Fnarfnar. *Stands in the corner*

Yes, it is (or was) me. Yes I did it in photoshop; it took about 6 hours. Yes, it was a slow day.

No, I won’t make one for you.

53 thoughts on “Link Roundup: Bleachgate

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  2. Ooooh I like this lot! Thanks for this round-up Noodlemaz!

    I have received an extremely long scary e-mail demolishing my chemistry (though being very nice about it) . . . so don’t take my chemistry entirely for granted! 😦

    1. Such is the wonderful world of science!
      It’s been too long for me to be able to put my finger on whatever may have been wrong with it :/
      Will you be reposting then? Should be interestings!

    1. Thanks for linking to your site; it’s fantastic.
      I too had noticed the doctored photos particularly. Especially the one where he’s ‘standing next to Zahir Saikh’ – who looks like a cardboard cut-out.

      Thanks again for the link, a very useful compilation of information.

      Have you looked into the Genesis II church much? Very disturbing, this. And his ‘seminars’ that cost hundreds of dollars.

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  6. A.P. Lyton

    Ironically enough, it is because of changeling skeptics like Noodles that this society has a hard time creating a world such as the one seen in Avatar.

    These skeptical simpletons with their blind faith to science (even though nobody has died from MMS, even though we can find thousands of testimonials in favour of MMS and even though government in their warnings have absolutely no scientific evidence to back up their assumptions,) slow down progress of creating a better world where people are no longer suffering from diseases that has evolved into multi-billion dollar industries.

    If people with the ability to do proper research, and own the willpower to take personal responsibility for their own health (unless legs or arms are broken) then let them. Stay out of their business.

    Instead of whining of something assumed negative and talking shit at the lowest of levels with online peers, try focusing on making a change for the better and do something constructive with your lives.

    1. Oh I’m sorry, did I fail to mention I’ve just passed my PhD in cancer research? That’s Dr Noodles to you, thankyouverymuch.

      Well, better get back to something ‘constructive’ now…

      1. Dc

        Congratulations your well on your way to getting rich. Oh wait that’s only if they DO NOT find a cure for cancer. You’ll be out of work if they do. I would be much more impressed if you said you just became a naturopathic doctor at least then you could really be curing people. Think about it even if you personally discovered the cure for cancer tomorrow it would never be given to the public (proven several times already check out royal raymond rife as one example). Your industry has become to big and billions of dollars as well as tens of thousands of jobs would be lost. Your profession is a victim of it’s own success of generating research money not cures. But with un researched posts like this scaring people away from possible cures you should have a very long and lucrative career. Since your going to a prestigious university might I suggest you go to your chemistry professor give him the exact formula that is being taken of 3 drops of liquid sodium chlorite 22.4% mixed with 3 drops of 50% citric acid forming chlorine dioxide then diluted with 4 ounces of water. First ask him if this is “Clorox bleach” which is the only real argument everyone is trying to use against this. And then ask him if this is harmful for humans to consume at this level. I’m sure your well intentioned and want to help people but I think you should do more research of your own and keep a more open mind. Millions of people search the net for help to there serious health problems and you are scaring them away from possible relief of the pain they are in. I’m sure your pharmacutical sponsored education would be very pleased as they don’t want any competition. Please only reply with an actual answer from your professor as I’m not looking for your personal opinion. By the way after researching it for months I did decide to use MMS and guess what I’m still alive, as are millions of other people. Also to clear things up about Jim Humble getting rich selling this stuff, he does not produce this and sell it. He made no money from me using his product as I purchased everything locally and made it myself at home for about $3.5 a bottle, less than a bottle of asprin. All you need to know is on the net, I didn’t even buy his book. I’m sure if he cared about getting rich this info would not be on the net for free. There are many ways he could have tried to market this to get rich but he didn’t. It nice to see another human just trying to help humanity, at his age I don’t think he’s in it for the money anymore. This is my personal take after months of researching him and MMS.

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  8. Annie

    How do you report someone who is selling MMS and claiming to treat cancer patients etc Oh by the way this person calls himself a ‘Reverand Doctor and Minister of Health’!!!

    1. Yes, it’s a great bleach. The wood pulp industry seem to like it and it’s pretty good as a water purifier. However, what it’s not good at being is a medicine. If you think it’s anything other than an industrial bleach, you will harm yourself or others.

  9. Jarrat

    I Want to try it. But I am scared. Hey if the governments are condoning the sale of cigarettes full of poisons. How bad can this stuff be?

  10. Jeff Manderstrom

    My wife has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and we are told if chemo is successful she has somewhere under one year to live. We have a four and two year old, so aren’t ready to give up fighting. Oncologists have written her off and although we are aware that this may be the case we are looking at alternative treatment methods to possibly extend her prognosis, and/or help her deal with the toxic effects of chemo (not sure if it’s as toxic as bleach but hardly good for you?) I understand the scientific concensus of having double blind studies, and peer review in order to validate the efficacy of medicines, and a lack of such it seems to me, immediately relegates any alternative treatments as quackery, which as a skeptic I usually tend to agree with (mms was recommended to us). That said we don’t have lot to lose by trying alternative treatments, and so I am trying to research online. I’m currently reading The China Syndrome and we have started to make changes in diet to eliminate animal proteins have basically steered away from wheat and dairy as well, while trying to fullfill nutritional needs through fruits, vegtables and herbal supplements. I mentioned this while asking our current Oncologist if there were any changes we could make that would improve the effectiveness of the chemo and lessen the toxic effects of it, and he basically scoffed at me. I think most doctors advocate a healthy diet so this perplexed me somewhat. Anyway not sure what to do as there seems to be quite a large void in the scientific study of many alternative treatments, and anecdotal evidence isn’t really evidence in science and medicine. Not sure if any doctors on this blog have the time or any ideas to offer me but thought I would try just all the same. Thanks in advance. Jeff

    1. Jarratt

      Mate give MMS a Try you got no options left so do whatever you can. Cigarettes, Antibiotics like Avelox and Chemo are toxic and poisonous yet the Governments let them be legal. Ignore the Warnings on MMS and follow as directed by some one who is a regular user of this product. Sorry to hear about you wife mate 😦

    2. Matt

      I’m not sure if MMS works or not but I have used in past and where I used to get herpes outbreaks twice a year I haven’t had one for 5 years, so in my opinion it works, as for the drinking bleach??? People don’t even realise that even rainfall starts as a kind of bleach, the chemical formula for water is H20, however the rain starts as H202 which is in effect hydrogen peroxide, this is a bleach, try pouring some on your hand nd wait a few minutes – your skin will be oxidised. Due to the amount of pollution in the atmosphere it loses it’s extra oxygen and falls as H20. (Lourdes in France has extra special water that heals apparently….it also has the highest content of H202 in its water. So bleach is bad? Toilet bleach maybe….MMS? Well its no more of a risk surely than drinking a can of Coke?

      I’m sure you mean the china study and not the china syndrome. And for sure a plant protein diet is better than meat protein…u may want to check out Joanna Budwig and her flax oil remedies. Just google budwig and if u cut through the commercial BS that is surrounding her diet now, the science actually makes sense.

      Hope your wife is okay.

  11. dave

    “there seems to be quite a large void in the scientific study of many alternative treatments”
    No there isn’t. It’s pretty simple: If it works then it gets snapped up by Big Pharma and sold to doctors/used in hospitals/saves lifes etc. If it doesn’t work, then it disappears into obscurity or gets used by quacks to milk the desperate or poorly educated. MMS is cheap bleach, marketed via the net by a quack who preys on the sick and dying.

    If your wife is fighting cancer, the last thing her body needs to deal with is bleach poisoning…who knows what effect that’s going to have on her chemo?

    Ignore the uneducated internet nutters like Jarratt and take the advice of your highly educated oncologist.

  12. Jeff Manderstrom

    Hi Dave thanks for the reply. My point with the “void” comment was more along the lines of who is doing clinical studies on some of these alternative remedies, like say a specific mushroom extract? I suspect (and could be wrong) in many cases nobody is. I agree that our best option is evidence-based treatment options and are presently involved in that process, and the advice of the oncologist, is take the chemo for 6 – 8 three week sessions and then stop and slowly die, and also no antioxidant supplements (we aren’t taking any) and basically scoffs at scientifically unproven remedies. There is a ton of scammy stuff out there, but I’m here looking for anything outside of that evidence-based medicine, such as Pauling’s high-dose vitamin c infusion or something not considered proven so much, but that some of the doctors here might think could be beneficial all the same.

  13. Russell Boyd

    I have bladder cancer (stage 5) and I’m currently using the peroxide treatment and confident that it will work. I have also been using the Budwig Protocol (cottage cheese and flaxseed oil) with success – shrinking the tumor to a quarter of it’s size.
    Sadly, I was bulldozed into an operation to remove the tumor by a hysterical urologist who assured me that, it being a metastatic cancer, it would spread around the body. “Only doctors can cure cancer” he said, dismissing all alternative treatments and assuring me that the Budwig protocol had not shrunk the cancer.
    After the operation the medicos announced that they wanted to remove my bladder and prostate. It was inexplicable since they already knew it was metastatic and so by their own argument they needn’t have wasted time removing the tumor. They should have gone straight for the bladder.
    In the meantime I researched alternate medicine to find the best cancer cures. Since the 1970’s I have been using fasting to cure all major and minor ailments with complete success. However, curing cancer with fasting would require a fast of about forty days and this is impractical at the moment for personal reasons.
    The peroxide cure (H2O2) with vitamin C seems the most promising. I was already aware that inhaling an atomised spray of diluted bleach cures pneumonia. I was skeptical about claims that it also cures lung cancer. But after all the reading I’ve done, I’m not so sure. I cured a melanoma on my arm with peroxide in just a few days.
    Now, I’m sure I’ll cop a lot of flak from some contributors on this thread for making such a heretical post. But I will point out that there is little evidence of anyone on this thread doing any real research on the topic. There is a vast amount of material on the net. Here is a good link to start with:
    If you read carefully, you will learn why the 200 billion dollar cancer industry and its puppet, the FDA, have a vested interest in discrediting any cure that is cheap and effective but cannot be patented. For that reason, drug companies will not fund research on it.
    The main thing that you will learn is how and why it works.
    I’ll report back in a month on my own experience. If I don’t – send me flowers… 🙂

    1. I’m not sure what to say to this at the moment, I’ve been away for a while and will have to think about it some more.

      However, with regards to:
      “I will point out that there is little evidence of anyone on this thread doing any real research on the topic.”

      – Last month I graduated with a PhD in the molecular pathology of cancer (that’s how cancer works on a molecular/subcellular level) so I’ve done plenty of ‘real research’ on the topic, hence my being qualified to criticise Humble’s “explanations” and hypotheses. He does not know what cancer is.

      As to the rest, you have my sympathies, I have lost friends and family to various types of cancer and it seems I may soon lose another to the same disease as you are currently fighting.

      Do not assume that there is such a thing as a ‘cancer industry’ – it’s more of a war, the disease on one side, and those of us (which is most people) it affects on the other. You insult everyone who has spent any time and/or money ever on fighting that war with such comments and conspiracies.

      I wish you and your family well, and if I think of anything else to say about your comment, I may do in the next couple of weeks.

    2. Um, just to be clear here, stage 5 of cancer is handled by morticians, not surgeons. Do you mean stage IV? One thing is certain: there is indeed a vast amount of information about cancer on the net. It broadly boils down into two categories: reliable information (which is characterised by agreeing across multiple reliable sources – FDA<, ACS, CRUK and so one) and exploitative bullshit (which is characterised by support from Mercola, HealthDanger and the like).

      The only thing that "alternative" cancer cures have in common is that people who believe in them die sooner and poorer and usually after more pain than those who don't.

      1. Russell Boyd

        So pleased, Chapmancentral that a slip of the keyboard should cause you so much amusement.
        I was amused, myself, by your childish assessment of alternative medicine. But should I need help with setting up my toy train set I shall be back in touch.
        As for reporting back to this thread on my success (so far) with my cancer – I think I would be wasting my time.

  14. Jeff Manderstrom

    Yes well in all seriousness I am interested in what noodelmaz, and chapmancentral have to say. My understanding of cancer is that it’s a widely varied disease as far as types of cancer and also varied in it’s causes. I know very little about it after that. I’m wondering how medical treatment of cancers has varied over the past few decades, aside from perhaps refining drugs and surgical procedures? I was asking about ANY alternative therapies, and I’m assuming from the comments that you don’t have any recommendations. I had specifically asked about the high-dose vitamin C infusions etc. I have read several research papers on it that seem to point to it having pro-oxidant effects, a well as anti-tumour effects when given in high doses. Another thing through this year and a half process is that none of the healthcare professionals we have dealt with have talked with us about any suspected cause of my wife’s cancer (I assume it’s impossible to ascertain for sure, so won’t take a stab at it?), they haven’t recommended any lifestyle changes in terms of nutrition or methods of limiting exposures to toxic enviornments etc, or given any suggestions on anything we might be able to do to give the chemo treatments the best conditions for it to be at it’s most effective, and of course what I have brought up has been poo-pooed by our oncologists pretty much before I get it out of my mouth. I am going to see if I can re-locate some of the studies I’ve read particularly on the high-dose vitamin c and link them below in hopes that a professional here might find the time to skim read them and advise me if they think the studies have some merit or if the doctors involved are practicing quackery. Thanks in advance if anyone gets a chance to respond. Jeff.

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  17. Noodlemaz,

    You are clearly suffering from a severe case of Avatar Ears. This is a terrible threat, excuse me, a TERRIBLE THREAT. 100% of all sufferers from Avatar Ears die within the ensuing century, all of them undergoing total death or at minimum severe mortality.

    There is however a cure: TBP, Total Beach Product. Available in tank car loads for $1,150, or in quarter-ounce bottles for $19.95.

    But wait! There’s more! Dilute anhydrous TBP! The convenient form of this miracle in the certified LARGER BOTTLE, is just the same price, though we are forced by the jack booted government operated post office to charge extra for the increased postage. But we have kept the price down to just $8.95 for the added shipping.

    Don’t wait! Get yours today!

    Don’t live with Avatar Ears any longer than you have to! The choice is yours!


  18. Anonymous

    Just because the FDA says something about any drug that they don’t get their piece of the pie from, they dismiss it. There are many natural cures out there for Cancer and other illness, what were we using before big PHARMA. Plants, Herbs anything from nature. I have stage 4 cancer and have been treating myself without CHEMO, RADIATION, OR ANY OTHER MANMADE DRUG. Why would you poison your body in order to kill something within you………..You will never see a natural drug being patented why! You can’t patent nature. That is why the FDA, Pharma and the patent com pay shut down all these nature cures……………..Do your research on your own and you will find out about the truth about cancer and why after 75yrs there hasn’t been a cure………….They don’t want to cure you, cancer is a MONEY COW FOR BIG PHARMA. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kindly get the fuck off my blog, thnx.

      If, ‘Anonymous’, you are indeed that ill, I am sorry. I am also sorry that it will be your end, due to what you are doing. Why would you poison your body? Because otherwise cancer just keeps growing; where we don’t have tumour-specific treatments (and we do have some now).

      Never see natural patented? Do you know what aspirin is? Colchicine? Maybe look them up. Medicine works because we know how, and how much of it to give. Some medicines have come from plants, or things in plants that do some good and have been refined.

      There are plenty of cures for cancer, surgery is still the best one where it’s an option. Leukaemias can be cured. Breast cancers. Melanomas and other skin cancers. Other blood cancers. Some are worse off – because cancer is loads of different diseases. It depends where it is, what’s caused it.

      Don’t offend me and everyone who has worked on cancer now and in the past with your ‘you care more about money than people’ bullshit. How dare you. We are all people too, and most of us have lost people to cancer, so again, get the fuck off my blog.

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