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A Sunny March Morning Rant

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08 March 2010, 11:50

OK I know it’s my own stupid fault for reading the Metro, but it goes nicely with my tea and toast in the morning. Today it has managed to piss me off a lot more than usual for the following reasons:

Story no. 1 – a baby dies after being abandoned on the steps of a mosque with a note saying ‘Sorry, please bury him’. So apparently the place of worship was closed or something; no one found this kid in the hour he was there?! Glossing over the already horrible situation of someone abandoning a helpless child in the cold for whatever reason, the way this story was presented in the paper specifically (bit different from the web article) really annoyed me.

POLICE BEING QUESTIONED FOR THE WAY THEY HANDLED THIS. I’m sorry, what? The police? How is it their fault? At the end of the story is a quotation apparently from some girl who ‘saw the whole thing’ – and she didn’t go and wrap him in a blanket because?
OK it’s probably difficult to tell that a bundle on a step is a baby from a distance. But I don’t see how one can justifiably turn that into indignation at the police for thinking he was already dead when they got there. Especially when the note requests burial. I’m not saying it’s OK that no one really checked he wasn’t breathing; of course that should have been done. I’m just amazed that no one bothered to do anything, if anyone else realised it was a baby, and that now it’s somehow the fault of the police. Perspective, please.

Story no. 2 – Happy international women’s day! Yep, it’s been and gone, so there are some stories about that. All good. However, along with a story about how many women are still dying in childbirth (please stop acting like it’s “a thing of the past” in the UK when it’s only in the order of one to several hundred fewer women a year dying in the UK than in developing countries. That’s still a shocking amount, >300/year) all over the world, we have some other stories.

– The hysterical centrefold report saying that lap dance clubs WILL DIE OUT!! because of the (hopefully) imminent legal requirement for lap dancing clubs to apply for sex encounter establishment licenses, instead of the current situation where they are no different from cafés. Article accompanied by necessary illustrative image of dejected-looking girl laying on the bar with her leg in the air.

– The needless inclusion of some lady showing us her cleavage in a bikini to illustrate the no-shit-sherlock revelation that the sun is good for us, now it’s finally showing itself (’tis Spring after all).

Story no. 3 – in today’s comment section (which usually has at least one idiot saying something idiotic but…) in response to the ongoing who-should-I-vote-for-cos-everyone’s-shit discussion, Ryan from SE London reckons the best course of action is to stand outside the polling station and laugh at all the poor saps bothering to go and exercise their democratic right because in actual fact we’re all living in a dictatorship. You utter blockhead. Just earlier in the paper is some coverage of how many people are being killed whilst fighting their way to the polls in Iraq, and those both succeeding or falling to the attackers are commended by the US president (and indeed all of us, surely) for their determination. Not to sound like everyone’s grandad, but standing outside a polling booth pointing smugly at the voters is not what people have died for and it is not helpful to anyone. Apathetic %^$£%*@.

That is all.

Author: noodlemaz

I prefer to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but perhaps that's just optimistic. Honest, atheist, scientist, feminist.

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