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What about Hull anyway?

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20 August 2005 (I assume), 22:41
NO ZELDA THIS YEAR! I am highly upset/angered by this news, that Nintendo will not be releasing Twilight Princess this November (what a birthday present it was going to be! ) but no earlier than April 1 2006!!!!

Which probably means, since it’s currently scheduled for simultaneous global release, that the UK launch will be pushed back to Summer.
God that sucks.

Anyway, to my original point.
I almost forgot!
That programme listing the 10 best and worst places to live in the UK, which had Nottingham 2nd worst (wrongly, I believe! I’ve never seen a gun here!!) also had HULL in 1st!!
So I say to my friend Maysa, who didn’t want to come here to stay with me for a while on the grounds that “I’ll get shot!!” – you are no more likely to get shot here, than in your University town thank you very much!!! Not that she reads this I don’t think but never mind.
Off to see Fantastic 4 tonight, brief opinion later…
Good afternoon.

[Edit: thought F4 was mildly entertaining but not great overall. Alright for popcorn munching, superheroes, some funny bits. Average.]

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