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Thoughts for the holidays (2005)

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28 December 2005 (I think, assuming 1 yr since tsunami), 12:39
Amazing, I used to apologise for being offensive.
It’s gonna be a big rant, this one.
Firstly, hope you all had a good time.

OK where to begin.. saw a good Tony Robinson thing about worst Xmas jobs, NOW do all you evil people believe me, who laughed and teased when i said Christmas was a Pagan/Roman thing? Christians just stole it coz no one would celebrate jesus in March. Easier to nick the established stuff.. presents = roman. Trees = pagan. Yule log = pagan. Drinking = Roman.
So yeah, I have as much right to traditionally celebrate the Winter and cheer myself up as anyone else, **** off the lot of you (you know who you are!). Not thatI care that much, but it’s nice to give people stuff and eat lots.

The tsunami anniversary came and went. Very sad, unnecessary loss of life, but STOP BLAMING GOD! I despise the way religion tries to separate us from the natural laws we live by. The planet does its thing, as it has for millions of years. Just because we cover it from top to bottom now, doesn’t mean the continents will stop moving, or the weather will be amenable to our needs. Get your heads out of your asses – we don’t own this chunk of rock floating in space, we’re just living on it and ruining it. Educate the people so that they understand the processes that go on around them and deaths can be avoided. Don’t look to God. Hey, if ant colonies could form news stations, every rain storm would be a tragedy.

As for America, their response was pitiful. Hardworking people tracked that storm’s progress, if they’d listened and the government had cared, they could’ve got far more people out. Scientists need to be listened to, not laughed at – funded, not ignored.

That brings me onto the next rant (isn’t this fun!) – Lifetime goal = overthrow american TV and education system. I cannot believe the “creation museum” they have made in the south – it has dinosaurs with SADDLES and lifelike things of Adam. They believe the fossil record supports their theory (erm, go do some research and talk to people who KNOW) and want to teach all their little children that the bible is actual history, not just moral guidance and wotnot. OH MY GOD, in the words of Janice. George Bush needs shooting, with his silly hillbilly brain. Don’t drag the human race down – all the people who died in the pursuit of knowledge will be spinning in their graves. They’re so stubborn, the facts are there, they just won’t open their eyes. Religious types say that scientists are closed-minded – at least we can admit that you can’t disprove the existence of some sort of supreme being thingy, they won’t even look at the truth that has been found from hard evidence. Argh there’s too much ranting and too little time.

For the record – fine, be religious. Just don’t be blinded to the fact that we are not superbeings, we don’t stop the way the planet works. If you need God to comfort you, to keep you sane and to enrich your life, go ahead. I have a problem with the blinding of people to the truth and the imposition of ignorance on those who don’t know better. America was meant to be about freedom, they are taking the freedom of people to learn and make up their own minds. Stupid South.

Apologies for any offence caused, I just couldn’t believe my eyes/ears at some points these last few weeks. Feel free to comment and expand/confirm my opinion.. if you could be bothered to read it all! I do have further rants relating to Jamie Oliver’s marvellous campaign and my dad being generally naff, for example:
My father set light to the bin this morning and drove off up the golf club. He will not take me to Birmingham this friday because he is going on holiday 3 days later. He is being driven to the airport then sitting on a plane. Lots of effort. Especially when all he does is sit on the sofa here, when he’s not at the golf club (that isn’t an exaggeration, honestly).

Enough! I may blog once more before I go.
Happy new year!

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I prefer to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but perhaps that's just optimistic. Honest, atheist, scientist, feminist.

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