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ByeBye Canters

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29 December 2005,17:10

Bit of Jamie Oliver love, don’t read on if you’re of a sensitive disposition.

Tomorrow I am hopefully off to Birmingham, just hoping there won’t be a giant blizzard that stops the trains altogether. I am expecting a slow ride.
So, in conclusion to yesterdays rantings – when my dad got home and was told he’d set the bin on fire, it was met with “oh” and from mum “no, not ‘oh’, you could’ve killed her, she was sitting concentrating on her revision (I was!)” at which point he wanders off rolling his eyes and shuts himself in the lounge as usual. So it’s nice to know that he clearly doesn’t give a damn if I inhale copious amounts of toxic fumes unknowingly but also can’t even apologise. Great.

Aside from that, the rant I missed out yesterday was in reference to the wonderful Jamie Oliver. Why do people hate him so much? So he says pukka and beau’iful and lovely a lot.. so what? We all have annoying mannerisms do we not.. the main thing is the school dinners lark for me. I think that practially single-handed he has begun to change the country in a way that has been necessary for a long time. It’s disgusting that we feed children that kind of crap. Yes McDonalds basically sell the same thing but that’s the difference-  they SELL it. People have to choose to walk in and inflict that rubbish on themselves. Children need a good diet to develop their brains and bodies properly and the stuff they eat in schools (and also the packed lunch rubbish on the market) isn’t up to it. So i don’t see why people put him down, and i find it disgusting that he had to move out of his original house due to all the abuse they suffered. He’s not doing any harm, he’s doing a whole lot of good, and would do more if he had the right support.

Anyway.. I have been reprimanded for my depressing personality so I suppose I better stop expressing my views in a way that may shock, distress or upset some viewers. Official apologies will be issued if required. Edit 2015: never got around to this. Probably won’t.

So on a final note, wish me luck on my journey! It will possibly take many hours, hey, I might not be able to get there at all. I wished for snow but c’mon.. when it’s actually convenient!

Author: noodlemaz

I prefer to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but perhaps that's just optimistic. Honest, atheist, scientist, feminist.

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